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This is a very special update, for a very special new member of my collection.

Photo Oct 20, 4 58 53 PM

Last month, fernchu/lampent contacted me, offering to sell me her Garchomp plush that she was looking to re-home. I can't thank her enough for thinking of me, being patient through all my questions, and giving me this very fair chance at a Garchomp plush.

Now let's take a look at him!

I know many of these photos are instagram and therefore their quality is not too high, but instagram is better to pick up for spur-of-the-moment picture-taking when I don't have time for anything more.

This was the first photo I took of Chompy, right out of the box. He is 18-inches (18!) of minky. He is jointed and therefore posable - his arms and legs MOVE, you guys(!), and he even has the notch on his back fin, which I hadn't known before buying but really appreciate. Far as I can tell, the stitching, fabric, design, and his nose (I love his big nose) are ~flawless.

* His creator is usako-chan.

What's the first thing we do to celebrate? Drink coconut juice. I don't drink coconut juice regularly or anything, but it was available and Chompy wanted in on some of this coconut business.

Out in the garden, showing off his standing abilities. Garchomp, in his full and formidable height. He looks and feels very impressive, I especially like the claw and teeth. I may be kind of biased since Garchomp is...pretty much my favorite Pokemon ever.

Chilling in my papasan (wait, get off that), where he shows of his feets and delightfully floppy wings. Look at that tummy. Alright, Chompy, now move over and relinquish this obscenely comfy chair so I can curl up and play some videogames. I didn't measure his width, but he takes up a lot of space. Which is awesome, I like a large plush.

Undeterred, Chompy claims my laptop and decides to sit back to do some internetting. The only drawback to being a Garchomp, is that your typing speed must be deplorable with only two fingers. Tap. Tap-tap-tap. Tap-tap. Tap-tap-tap-tap.

Later that day, I retreat upstairs to get some work done, and Chompy decides to help me make some notes. A good chance for me to show off his head-scratching pose. Also, Chompy likes markers, they are easier to grasp with two claws and scribble.

Know who else arrived just yesterday? 'Vees arrived! Introducing Umby and Jolty, from sunyshore! These are the sitting Tomy plush. Not to be outdone, Chompy steals the spotlight, but he can put an arm around them both. Now these plush...are amazing! I have no words. You, too, will be reduced to squee-ing incomprehensively when these 'vees are in your hands.

♥ A thank-you to Gin, for her hard work picking up these 'vees for me and everyone else.

Here is a shot of them separately. Squee!

Moving on from instagram, here's another shot. I can't get enough of them.

It's dangerous to go alone, take this with you! As you can see, they fit pretty snugly into the palm of my hand. Another thing I love about these plush, their backsides. Look at the way Umbreon is poised.

Nevermind, take a Jolteon! I love those spikes.

We return now, with no prior warning, to one shot of Chompy, to show off his colors.

Some older members of my plush gang, starters all the way back from the B/W US tours. I made the cloak for Snivy, from some scraps of fabric. Tepig has a necklace and I'm still trying to figure something for Oshawott, perhaps a bandanna?

Thank you for reading! And once again, I wanted to thank lampent for Garchomp. I'm honored to take care of him. I am also grateful to Gin for picking up these 'vees for the community. You guys make the pokemon fandom rock.

p.s. A wild wants-list appeared!

If anyone has a Black Kyurem pokedoll they are looking to sell, let me know. Tag unnecessary but appreciated.

Red Gyarados plush, tags completely and utterly unnecessary, I am looking to pay about the range of $80 - $150 (edited), or whatever he is worth right now, I'm behind the times. Regret not purchasing him from sunyshore when he was first released! (highest priority)

Aaand long shot, but if anyone has a custom Aerodactyl plush they want to rehome, I would take a look. nvm ^^;

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