abbeymew (abbeymew) wrote in pkmncollectors,

GA agogo payment 2!!


Hey everyone the GA agogo arrived to the deputy service so now its time to ship it over to me!
the GA will be shipped via airmail and the total was 7050jpy (I would have posted the invoice but for some reason livejournal will not allow me to upload new photos!)
here is the spreadsheet:

please send payments to
please send all payments as goods
fill in the memo like this! GA agogo payment two *username* and items won!
I am running another GA at the moment so it is important that you do this

please edit the spreadsheet to say you have paid and comment here as well :D

I am also still awaiting payment 1 from mamoswine and youngsterjoseph if you could see the spreadsheet for your payment totals or contact me, please pay asap! :)

Tags: group auction
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