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Gets and Last Minute Sales!

Yesterday I got a few new gets that I'm utterly excited about! Check them out!


Drum roll pleaaaassseee!

Hasbro Manectric!!! I've been looking for this figure since I saw it so very long ago! And thanks to two lovely members here on the comm I got this and my next get! He's so, so, so cool! He doesn't jump very well, but that's okay ;P Also, Iove that Manectric seems to get so many dynamic poses! :D

That's one majestic electric canine~


My next get from the lot is this magnificent ball of ADORABLE! Sheal!!! 


Seriously, this little ball of awesome has to be one of the cutest things Jakks has ever made. Ever. 

And my last get... 



So, you may have noticed that he has a base made out of a nickel... Well, that's because I honestly like my TFG without bases because they take up less space, and another reason was he was on a Bayleaf base, LOLOLOL. So, my boyfriend popped him off and when he wouldn't stand anymore, he glued him to a nickel. It actually works pretty well :P 

I was soooo happy to finally get my hands on this figure! I had bought this one, a Suicune TFG, and two Suicune DX figures from someone on the comm, the package never arrived (I have suspicions, but I won't go into it) and they said they'd give me a partial refund. Well, they disappeared and I was out $80 and the figures :( 

But, luck would get back to me by getting this lovely for only $4 :) I'm soooo happy to have him in my collection and now I only need Suicune! 

And now, sales!


I got sales permission from dakajojo on 12/04/11

I ship from Beloit, WI
Shipping(Including fees and such) starts at $2.50 for domestic, $3.50 international. 
Paypal Only, NO e-checks. 
I am okay with haggling as long as it's within reason!
I may consider trades, but I'd prefer cash!
Once things have been mailed out, I am not responsible for lost packages!
Also, I do have a cat and dogs!

These sales are only going to be going on for tonight and part of tomorrow. I'm trying to lighten the load in my house so I will be putting up a lot on eBay sometime tomorrow that will have leftovers from my auctions, TOPPS cards, 3D cards, and some items from a package that I sent out that got returned (because it wasn't picked up from the post office there) and the person is ignoring every attempt I try to make to get a hold of them D; 

Anyway prices are negotiable as I want to get them out of here, so check them out! 

Jakks and Hasbro figures - $2 a piece
James kid figures - $5 a piece 

Please note that some of the figures are in played with condition (and none of them have stands and Blaze-chicken doesn't have a flame he's supposed to shoot)

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