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Metal Figure Group Auction Reminder! New get! And collection shelves

Super quick reminder about my metal figure GA - it ends in about 12 hours so get your bids in. :D

Lots of figures are still at their starting bids (or have no bids), so this would be a great opportunity to nab some of them for cheap. ^_^

Next up, a very special get, followed by a collection update!
THIS! This was something I did not know existed. It's an exclusive Daisuki Club shirt from the Pokemon Labyrinth promo during summer of 2010. Knowing the rarity of this shirt, it was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity.

From a bit of research on various Japanese websites and blogs, it looks like this promotion only released one of each shirt! That could mean I have the only one in existence if I have the correct information. I feel incredibly, incredibly lucky. ;___;
Thank you so much again dewott for pointing this one out to me. <3

Here are some other photos from the promo:

It looks like there have been other shirts released as well, and for each shirt, there only exists one.
I love the designs of these! They only come in kid's sizes unfortunately, but I think I would feel so guilty wearing mine anyway. haha

Next up, my main shelf! I can't remember if I posted this anywhere but here are some shots of a few parts of my collection bookcase:
Most stampers, in-case figures (which needs updating) and other goods on this shelf. I'd really recommend the display staircase - I got it from The Container Store. :)
Upper shelf here! Large Slowpoke squirter, moneybag, bell plush, dice, old MIP kids, and some of the only Slowpoke pokedoll art out there. :D
Here we have mini models, kraks, the elusive Pokemon 2000 pins, bottle caps, and a few other odds and ends. I am a huge fan of the frames I found for all of my postcards - they fit perfectly!

I actually have way more than this but a lot of the other stuff is disorganized and not displayed to my liking. Hoping to put up more posters and flats sometime.. still trying to figure out the best way to arrange that. XD

Here's my old plush shelf (repeats of a few items like the bell plush as I've moved them since this photo):
I'd have to say I'm very proud of all the custom plush I own and have all the artists to thank who have helped my collection become what it is today. <3
I am also one official plush away from completing my official Slowpoke plush collection!

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed that update - my shelves are in need of rearranging and I would like to do a more complete update sometime in the near future. :)

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