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What Makes You Love Them?

I've been thinking about the Pokemon that I love and collect and thought this might be an interesting discussion topic.

Are there certain features of the Pokemon that you collect that you particularly love? Do you think its ears/face/tail (or other physical feature) are cute/cool? Do you love its color scheme? Do you love its body shape? What makes a Pokemon cute/cool looking to you? Do you look for certain characteristics when buying merch of it/them?

I like both Raichu and Audino. I think that they both have very cute ears, and both have little curly bits on their ears too! Their tails are both very cute too. I love the notched ears and tails of the Lillipup line too.

Victini is the Pokemon that I've started collecting the most. One of my favorite things about Victini is its little butt wings. When I look for different plush of it, I like to look for different styles with varying designs for the butt wings. That's one thing that made me buy the canvas.

Share the stories (and picture, if you'd like) of your beloved Pokemon and what makes them appealing to you!

PS: I'm not sure what tags to use. Any suggestions? Mods, can we have a discussion tag? (I just used "collection" since it's about collections, but that doesn't seem to fit...)
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