tofu256 (tofu256) wrote in pkmncollectors,

"Many Eevee" series pic

Hey all,
My friend showed me this yesterday, and I thought I'd share it here since no one has posted it yet ^^ It's the full color picture of the December "many eevee" gachapon series!! (click for bigger size) I loved the "many pikachu" series, and I'm sure the eevee version is going to be just as great! :)

so what do you guys think? will you get this set? are we drowning in eevee madness or is there room for more? I've personally been spending way too much on the I<3eevee series, but this gachapon set is too cute!! I especially love espeon and glaceon's positions (I think someone pointed out that the positions are from the giratina movie cameo)

In terms of I<3eevee news, it seems that the first wave of keychain plush (eevee, vaporeon, leafeon, umbreon) will be re-released in the UFO machines this December. I'm not sure what this means for the banpresto merch suppliers, but in any case it's a second chance for people who missed out on the first wave to get them!
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