shadoweon (shadoweon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Shadoweon's Sales Post Part 1: Plushies,Figures & More!

Please read before commenting:

Shipping Costs:
USA- Starts at $3
Canada- Starts at $9 (dependent on your zipcode, may be more in some areas)
Anywhere Else in the World- Starts at $13.50

(Prices for flats will be less typically but I will need to know your location and how many things you are buying to know for sure.)

I have sales permission from retired moderator Lineealba, my community feedback can be viewed here:
I ship from the United States and am willing to ship most items internationally.Please note the higher shipping costs for international packages.
I am not responsible for items once I have shipped them out, I apologize for any inconveinances that this may cause. I do not issue refunds or accept returns.
I try to ship my items within a few days of payment but it may take up to a week to ship in some instances.
Paypal only for payments please. I do not accept payment plans unless the purchase is over $30 in cost.

Note: Non-transaction related comments will be deleted periodically in order to keep the comment section from becoming too cluttered.

If you need better photos of a certain item,please let me know!


DX Banpresto Blissey Plush (All Tags still attached)- $20 *shipping will be higher on this item due to weight and size*
Fuzzy DX Banpresto Gizamimi Pichu- $20 (TTO,has string)

Yamask Banpresto Plush- $7 (TTO,has string)
2011 Banpresto Halloween Plush- $9 (TTO,has string)

Banpresto MPC Plush (All have all tags attached)-
Charmander- $12
Not pictured but also available- Litick- $10

Toy Factory Shinx-
$7 small SOLD
$14 medium

Mincinno Pokedoll Pen Plush- $10 (Tag is detached but included,ink has never been used.)

Jakks Talking Piplup (Batteries need replaced)- $7 OBO
Hasbro Pikachu w/Apple- $4
All other plush in photo are sold.

Various Jakks Plush:
Pignite (Hang Tags are detached but can be sent with the plush)- $3 SOLD
Medite- $3.25 SOLD
Mime Jr.- $1 SOLD
Pansage (hang tag is detached but available- $1.50

Hasbro Charizard Plush (No Tags at all) - $2
Hasbro Squirtle Plush (Dark Eyes,No Tags at all)- $2

Eeveeloution Dot-Sprite Charms - $6 each

Tags: arceus, bidoof, bonsly, celebi, charizard, charmander, croagunk, dugtrio, eevee, elekid, entei, espeon, flareon, grotle, heracross, jakks, jellicent, jigglypuff, jirachi, jolteon, keldeo, latios, leafeon, linoone, lopunny, lucario, lugia, manaphy, minccino, murkrow, ninetales, pansage, phanpy, phione, pichu, pignite, pikachu, pokemon center, reshiram, sales, shinx, snivy, sudowoodo, tentacool, tepig, tomy, zekrom
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