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Shadoweon's Sales Post Part 1: Plushies,Figures & More!

Please read before commenting:
Minimum purchase for international members: $3- I may not be willing to ship very large items internationally. International Shipping will be atleast $10 or more on anything that isn't a flat. Plush and larger items will be $13.50 and up so be aware. (US Proxies are okay!)

Due to increases in shipping costs, US shipping will now be atleast $3 unless you are okay with the usage of stamps for small items.  Flats usually are less.

I have sales permission from retired moderator Lineealba, my community feedback can be viewed here:
I ship from the United States and am willing to ship smaller items like flats and figures internationally.Please note the higher shipping costs for international packages though.
I am not responsible for items once I have shipped them out, I apologize for any inconveinances this may cause.
Paypal only for payments please. I do not accept payment plans unless the item is over $30 in cost.

Note: Non-transaction related comments will be deleted periodically in order to keep the comment section from becoming too cluttered.

If you need better photos of a certain item,please let me know!


DX Banpresto Blissey Plush (All Tags still attached)- $25 OBO - US SHIPPING ONLY

Banpresto Zoroark (Shimmery Version) (No String and only has tushtag,please note)- $8 OBO

Banpresto Laying/Leaping(?) Hanging Zorua Plush- $4

Mincinno Pokedoll Pen Plush- $12 OBO (Tag is detached but included,ink has never been used.)

Various Jakks Plush:
Pignite (Hang Tags are detached but can be sent with the plush)- $3 SOLD
Medite- $4
Mime Jr.- $1
Pansage (hang tag is detached but available- $1.50
Mini Throw Plush Snivy- $2

Hasbro Charizard Plush (No Tags at all) - $2

Burger King Plush:
Meowth- $1

Clip-On Pikachu Plush (Has zipper in its back)-  $3

Play by Play Polywhirls:
Medium- $6
Large -$12 SOLD

"DX" (12 inch) Bootleg Plush- ( I will trade for certain others like houndoom,shiny espeon etc.)
Flareon -$8
Murkrow (MWT)- $8
Vaporeon- $8
Raichu- $8.50


Eeveeloution Dot-Sprite Charms - $8 each

Swadloon Dot-Sprite Charm- $5 (Strap will be clipped back on,just took it off when I was displaying it)


Swadloon Aeon Badge- $5

Unofficial/Artist Made:
Chandelure by PK: $ 4 OBO
Yamask w/ official comic art: $2 SOLD
Maracactus: $2
Eeveeloutions (Have umbreon as well,just isn't photographed): $0.85 cents each

SOLD: Eevee,Espeon,Jolteon,Flareon,Umbreon,Leafeon

Battrio/Tretta Coins:

Dragonite - $3
Celebi,Volcorona,Cobalion,Braviary- $2
All others- $1, Tepig is $0.50 if purchased with another item.

SOLD: Oshawott

Video Games + Acessories:

Pokemon Sapphire (Cartridge only)-$12
Pokemon Firered (Cartridge only)-$15

Venusaur GBA Carrying Case- $12 OBO

Trading Card Albums:

Beast Trio/ Ho-oh & Lugia Mini TCG Album- $4
Zekrom/Reshiram Mini TCG Album- $2


Pokemon Time Corsola Notepad (In pretty good condition but is not perfect/mint,paper inside has never been used.)- $8 OBO


Tomy Figures-

Charmander (Old/Original Version)- $2
Dugtrio- $4 OBO
Heracross- $4

Clear Tomy Figures-

Clear Figure Straps (Pokemon Fan Magazine Exclusives)-$4 each

Also Available: Reshiram

SOLD: Resolute Keledo,Zekrom

Tiny Squirtle Figures Lot- $3 OBO

All are $1 except for the jakks phanphy which is $2.25(All but Seadra and Phanphy have some sort of scuff or mark on them.)
SOLD: Nidoking,Elekid

Banpresto Chikorita Keychain (has visable wear, visable in back) $2

Japanese Victini Mcdonald's Toy- $3 OBO

Japanese 7-11 Oshawott Toy- $4

Pikachu Pencil Topper (Official Item-its just like the tomy figure only the bottom is different)-$0.35 or Free with Purchase.
Golden Pikachu (Hollow)- $4

Jirachi Basic Fun Keychain Figure (No Keychain) -$2 OBO

Basic Fun Bulbasaur Figure (No Keychain) - $1.10
Sasco Pikachu Figure (Can be used as a pencil topper)- $2

Other Items:

Pokemon Center Oshawott drawstring bag (held rice crackers originally)-$6.50

Jakks Pacific Shinx Marble (Plastic) $2

Pokemon Center Leafeon Placemat (Does not include coaster)- $15 OBO

Loungefly Metal Keychains - These are very sturdy and came from Hot Topic in around 2007 or so. - $3.50 each - Jigglypuff is SOLD.

Linoone Tag- $1 SOLD
Celebi Keychain (from Pokemon Fan Issue 13)- $1
2009 Pokedex Charm (Espeon)- $10 SOLD

Pokemon Fan Snivy and Tepig Charm set- $2 (Or $1 each)
Pokemon Fan Genie Trio Keychain (MIP)- $1

Pansage dot sprite tin (still has the candy it came with it)- $3

Dragonite Superball/Bouncy Ball (Has visable knicks unfortunately. You can see them in photo)-$1

Power Rollers - Offer (Can sell in groups or individually, these may have higher shipping because of the metal balls inside them.)

SOLD: Celebi,Raikou,Blue Lugia,Jirachi


Clay Jolteon Charm- $4 (By ?)

Clay Leafeon Magnet- $2 (By Jaxtoys)
Tags: arceus, bidoof, bonsly, celebi, charizard, charmander, croagunk, dugtrio, eevee, elekid, entei, espeon, flareon, grotle, heracross, jakks, jellicent, jigglypuff, jirachi, jolteon, keldeo, latios, leafeon, linoone, lopunny, lucario, lugia, manaphy, minccino, murkrow, ninetales, pansage, phanpy, phione, pichu, pignite, pikachu, pokemon center, reshiram, sales, shinx, snivy, sudowoodo, tentacool, tepig, tomy, zekrom
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