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Autumn Contest Entry!

Since the deadline is soon, I figured I'd try and enter this year. It's not much because I'm not much of a photographer...but I hope you enjoy my entry! The photo is pretty big, so it's under the cut and preview picture! :D I'm planning on doing an update soon, but I'm still waiting on my HQ Eevee(customs wants to keep him for themselves, I guess. I don't blame them.)and a few other things. Anyway:



I thought about taking the picture outside...but honestly, it doesn't look like fall at my house. It's a bright sunny day and we don't have trees that change colors! One just goes bare and the other is a redwood. >_> So I took an indoor photo and used things that remind me of fall.

Frankly, I love acorns. I don't know what it is about them. I like to hoard them like them like the squirrel I am during the fall. Anyone else ever do that? No? I guess I won't be starting up Acorn Collectors anytime soon then. And the punch in the background is something I make with my family every Thanksgiving. I know it's just strawberry punch and 7up with frozen strawberries in it, but it's become a tradition. And I find myself feeling a lot like Pikachu and Pachirisu this time of year. I feel like I could sleep all day during November. Everything is so peaceful and relaxing. Especially when it rains. But anyway, rant over. :D That's my entry, so I hope you all liked it. Have a great day/Thanksgiving everyone!
Tags: contest, pachirisu, pikachu
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