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La Maison de Eievui

I know there's been a post about this already but I found some updated info on it that I hadn't seen on the comm yet and thought i'd share! Info under the cut! :D

These items are set for release on the 8th of December! :D

Clear file- 250 yen
Umbrella- 1,200 yen
Stamp set- 2,400 yen
Metal bookmark- 1,500 yen
Leather bag- 2,100 yen
Business card holder- 1,500 yen
Glasses case- 2,100 yen
Hooded towel- 2,900 yen
Socks- 500 yen
Black and red;multicolored ballpoint pen- 580 yen
Hairpins- 800 yen

Personally, i'm in love with that towel... And the socks... And the glasses case... And the pen... And the hair pins...
Oh dear, my poor bank account...

I got all this information here, but couldn't figure out how to share the URL of their post...

Full list of items from @allinia
Umbrella - 1,200 yen
Clearfile - 250 yen
Loose Leaf Binder - 580 yen
Loose Leaf Paper - 350 yen
Letter Set - 600 yen
Postcard Set - 450 yen
Metal Bookmark - 550 yen
Stamp Set - 2,400 yen
Multi-Use Box - 1,500 yen
Bookends - 1,500 yen
Jigsaw Puzzle - 1,680 yen
Mini Tote Bag - 2,000 yen
Book Cover - 1,500 yen
Pass Case - 1,500 yen
Business Card Case - 1,500 yen
Glasses Case - 2,100 yen
Handkerchief - 1,200 yen
Mug - 1,200 yen
Necklace - 1,500 yen
Hair Scrunchie - 1,000 yen
Hair Pins - 800 yen
Hair Ties - 800 yen
T-Shirt - 2,800 yen

There will also be "Kids goods" released the same day (the towel, pen, and socks above are part of the kids section):

Hooded Towel - 2,900 yen
Socks - 500 yen
Scrunchie - 500 yen
Plush Pouch - 1,000 yen
"Mimi" (ears) Pen - 580 yen
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