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recent gets and GA updates

I have had quite a few pacakges arrive in the last few weeks, been working my postman to death with all my GA's too. anyway i thought i would share my recent arrivals with you lovely people! 

Also all of those who paid for shipping for my GA's by saturday your packages have been shipped and should be with you soon, hopefully before the christmas rush hits too! 
let me know if you would like feedback left and provide me with a link, it would also be great if you could leave some in return (and for my co-host if in the phanpy GA)

check under the cut for my gets!

ohsigh! I couldn't resist them any longer, I'm not usually a eeveelution collecter even though i am a fan, but when i saw my HQ eevee (who is an xmas gift) i fell in love <3 because i love dark and psychic types it was an obvious choice to get espie and umby here.
not sure why umbreon is being a loner and not standing with his friends though! 
thanks to darkzorua and placetohide for helping me get these :)

my lovely snotty bear from lady_avi's GA and the cresselia from my own GA, I have started getting into pokedolls lately although i'm going to try and only get the ones of my favourite pokes, but i have pretty low willpower so we shall see if this stands in a few months!


also from my GA's are xmas riolu, who has great timing arriving now so makes a snazzy decoration! and of all the luck one of the mystery reversibles from the phanpy GA was a mew! I presuaded my bf joltex who won him to let me have it, much squeeeing ensued. 


and this little fellow whom i have dubbed weirdmew (that was his auction title) was hiding in a package containing my boyfriends HUGE dialga and palkia takara tomy's, he was so teeny in comparison. he is the 2005 friends plush and when i saw him on Y!J I had no idea what it was but knew i had to have it! it's so dang cute!  so here's some more pics! 

image_1354481604337283weird mew 

sales plug -
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