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auctions of miscellany!

Clearing out some stuff I've had lying around for so long, I don't even remember when I got my hands on them. Included are auctions for a couple of premade bell plush I've held on to for months, the beginning of some collection weeding, and items I don't know the worth of (after all, what's a better way to gague pricing than to just take offers on them?).

And for the usual disclaimer, my sales permission was grandfathered in at the beginning of time- er, 2007!


N (my first ever human bell plush) and a re-painted shiny Lampent! Both are made with crushed panne and felt with painted details. Lampent measures 4 1/2 inches high and N measures about 4 inches high. Both start @ $20 each

Shipping will be $3.00 to the USA, $4.00 to Canada, and $5.00 to everywhere else.


White & Black Kyurem Clearfile, sealed and brand new. Will be mailed in a special sturdy document mailer to minimize bending and damage in transit. Starts @ $10
Shipping will be $3.50 to the USA, $5.00 to Canada, and $6.50 to everywhere else.

Rotom lot (mostly of Fan Rotom) including an incomplete zukan with loose pieces, Kids figure, chou getto, keshipoke, and stickers. Starts @ $10
Shipping will be $2.50 to the USA, $3.50 to Canada, and $4.50 to everywhere else.

MIB Jakks Whiscash Racer - starts @ $5.00
Used Blastoise cap - starts @ $3.00
Shipping for both will be $3.00 to the USA, $4.00 to Canada, and $5.75 to everywhere else.

Rules & Guidelines!

✖ Auctions end on Friday, December 07 at 6:00 PM CST (refer to this site if you need help with time conversion). A ten minute extension will be given if any bids are placed on a given thread within ten minutes of the auction's end to prevent sniping, and extensions will continue until bidding has ceased entirely.
Please be prepared to pay within 24 hours of the end of the auction.
✖ I will accept payment plans as long as at least 50% of your total is paid within 24 hours.
✖ I ship from the US, therefore all prices are in USD.
✖ Paypal only! Shipping prices are outlined with the item listings, and an additional handling fee will be incurred depending on the total price. Tracking for destinations within the USA is free.
I pack items as carefully as possible, but as soon as the package is dropped off at the post office, I can't be responsible for how the post treats it and can not refund a lost item. You have the option of buying insurance, which will be $2.00 within the US. Registered Mail for destinations outside the US is $12.
✖ I live in a smoke-free, pet-friendly home. I gently use a lint roller to ensure that too much hair isn't present on plush when I pack it, but traces the roller didn't pick up may still be present.
✖ I have the right to refuse to sell to anybody, especially if you have a reputation for flaking out on purchases as based on the community's negative feedback post. I will not tolerate bids withdrawn without my approval and will leave negative feedback if I catch anybody deleting their bids (without my approval) or flaking on payment!
✖ Please bid in increments of at least $1(unless otherwise defined) in the specified threads.

✖ I will only trade/partial trade for the following items; please do not ask me for a trade for anything else, including custom items.
- Braviary Retsuden stamp, domino & pan sticker
- Staraptor clear kids figure & keshipoke
- Movie 10 Cresselia Lunar Wing
- Sky Plate Arceus Keshipoke

If you have any questions, you are certainly free to ask!

I've added some items for straight sale in my sales post, and you're welcome to combine items in there with auctions!

Please wait until this sentence is stricken out before commenting! Thank you for looking! :D
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