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Huge 60+ Spanish Pokemon Posters Auctions!

So I recently won a huge lot of posters, and, apart from a couple, am auctioning them all off individually! There're LOTS of Pokemon featured, so Ctrl+F your favorites and come see!

Rules and Info
*Sales Permission for pkmncollectors granted by dakajojo on 22.May.2011.
*My feedback is here!
*I accept Paypal, or concealed cash at your own risk.
*Prices are in USD, and do not include shipping.
*I ship from IL, USA, and will ship internationally.
*Once the package leaves my hands, I am not responsible for it.
*Posters will be shipped in a rigid envelope. Shipping within the US for any number of posters is $3, which includes cost of the envelope.
*Posters were originally in a magazine, so they have small staple holes, and most have a small number written in pen in the "P" of Pokemon on one side. Ask if/which side this is on in the Comments if this concerns you! Most are in overall great condition, though, especially considering how old they are!

Auction will run until midnight US Central Time on Dec. 11th.

Auction is over! Any unclaimed posters can be claimed for their start price!
Just comment "Claimed" in its thread!

Now for the pictures! Posters are double-sided, so the first picture shows one side, and the second, the other.

*Scyther/Rapidash Starts at $3, Tauros/Aerodactyl Starts at $3, Ledian/Bayleef Starts at $3, Politoed/Delibird (on hold)
*Unown/Togetic Starts at $3, Smeargle/Piloswine Starts at $3, Ursaring/Heracross Starts at $3, Blissey(mis-labeled as Chansey)/Pichu Starts at $3
*Flareon/Ekans Starts at $5, Entei/Slowking Starts at $5, Raikou/Suicune Starts at $5,
Ho-oh/Lugia-- Starts at $5

*Treecko/Grovyle (has a rip starting on the fold line)-- Starts at $1, Torchic/Sceptile Starts at $3, Marshtomp/Mudkip Starts at $3, Poochyena/Swampert Starts at $3
*Zigzagoon/Mightyena Starts at $3, Linoone/Wurmple Starts at $3,
Silcoon/Beautifly Starts at $3, Dustox/Cascoon Starts at $3
*Taillow/Swellow Starts at $3, Pelipper/Wingull Starts at $3, Abra/Kadabra Starts at $3, Nincada/Alakazam Starts at $3

*Lombre/Lotad Starts at $3, Ludicolo/Seedot Starts at $3, Shiftry/Nuzleaf Starts at $3, Shroomish/Masquerain Starts at $3
*Slakoth/Breloom Starts at $3, Slaking/Vigoroth Starts at $3,
Ralts/Kirlia Starts at $3, Surskit/Gardevoir Starts at $3
*Treecko/Vigoroth Starts at $3, Pichu/Machop Starts at $3, Pikachu/Beautifly Starts at $3, Seviper/Tentacruel Starts at $3

*Rhydon/Whismur Starts at $3, Alakazam/Illumise Starts at $3, Loudred/Marshtomp Starts at $3, Zangoose/Registeel Starts at $3
*Pinsir/Milotic Starts at $5, Salamence/Gyarados Starts at $5, Deoxys/Vulpix Starts at $5, Latias/Ninetales Starts at $5
*Kyogre/Armaldo Starts at $5, Groudon/Absol Starts at $5

*Gold Version w Ho-oh/Silver Version w Lugia Starts at $5, Pokemon Stadium 2 w Ho-oh/Lugia Starts at $5, Puzzle Challenge w Sentret, Pichu, Togepi/ Pichu, Cyndaquil, Chikorita, Totodile Starts at $3, Ruby Sapphire w May/Brendan Starts at $5, FRLG w Charizard, Venusaur, and Pokemon around Pokeball/Magazine covers Starts at $3
*FRLG w Charizard, Venusaur, Pikachu, Eevee, Vulpix, starters, etc/ Magazine covers Starts at $5, Mystery Dungeon w Treecko/Pikachu Starts at $5, Mystery Dungeon w Squirtle/Charmander Starts at $5, Colosseum w Raikou, Suicune, Entei, Kyogre, Groudon, Wes/Magazine covers Starts at $5
*Pinball w Pikachu, starters, etc/ RubySapphire w Groudon, Vigoroth, Spheal, etc Starts at $5, Pinball boards Ruby/Sapphire Starts at $1,
Channel w Pikachu/Pikachu, Torchic, Mudkip Starts at $5, Channel w Lapras/Pikachu, Treecko

*Donphan/Jynx Starts at, Steelix VS Tyranitar/Hitmonlee VS Skarmory Starts at $10, Steelix VS Blastoise/Quilava VS Croconaw Starts at $10
*Typhlosion VS Feraligatr/Typhlosion VS Skarmory Starts at $10, Feraligatr VS Tyranitar/ Heracross VS Ursaring Starts at $10, Charizard VS Lugia/ Stadium 2 with Blastoise VS Charizard Starts at $10

*Hitmonlee VS Hitmontop/Lugia Starts at $10, Raichu VS Typhlosion/Crobat VS Flaaffy Starts at $10

Please wait to bid until I get all threads up!
Threads are up! Go ahead and bid! :D

Bidding is over! Any unclaimed posters can be claimed for their start price!
Tags: absol, aerodactyl, auction, blastoise, breloom, charizard, charmander, crobat, croconaw, deoxys, eevee, entei, feraligatr, flaaffy, flareon, grovyle, gyarados, jynx, kadabra, kyogre, latias, linoone, lombre, lotad, loudred, ludicolo, lugia, masquerain, mightyena, milotic, ninetales, nuzleaf, people, pichu, pikachu, poochyena, quilava, raikou, ralts, rapidash, registeel, salamence, sceptile, scyther, shroomish, slaking, slakoth, smeargle, squirtle, suicune, swampert, tauros, tentacruel, torchic, treecko, typhlosion, tyranitar, ursaring, vigoroth, vulpix, whismur, wingull, wurmple, zangoose, zigzagoon
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