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It's almost been three months!?

I haven't made a collection update in ages too busy finishing high school |D. Don't worry I have very little to show for my time away but I FELT THE NEED TO RECTIFY THIS HORRENDOUS LACK OF UPDATE OK COOL.
Maybe I should do an re-intro post do any of you even remember me oops.
Just a quick note if you don't know me; hi, I'm Pannsie. I collection Venusaur, Huntail, Dunsparce, and make plushies because apparently I'm alright at it or something.

First off, umm.. I made a thing. I was supposed to do school work at the time BUT I THREW CAUTION AND PROBABLY MY GRADES TO THE WIND AND MADE THIS TEENY NUMEL. I meant for it to be a beanie plush of sorts, but it became so small that it couldn't really be floppy. So now it's just a teeny sleepy Numel. Oh well!
I've also made other Pokemon plush since my last update, but those were for other people idk you can check them out here if you really wish. :'D

WOW WHO CARES ABOUT THESE ANY MORE AM I RIGHT? I seriously got these /months/ ago I can't believe I still haven't posted them. Even though I got my three main collections (and Sunflora lol) in the initial charm run, I still wanted some other guys from side collections. I bought Lotad line (probably my next favourite side collection after my mains and Sunflora) and Gulpin line off PokeVault, and then me and sorjei split a Darumaka/Lotad line, because she just wanted Lotad/Daru, and I didn't mine getting some psycho apes and extra 'tad line charms for my keys. WHICH I HAVE NOT. LOST. RIGHT NOW. They're just currently misplaced. ;n; So thank you again for that sorjei bb! <333

EY CHECK OUT THIS HAPPY LITTLE PSYCHOPATH. WHAT A STUNNER. It's an adorable little standee figure that I bought from someone from the comm (I'm so sorry I forget your name, it was kind of months ago :'D) and it came still in its plastic mould thingy. It was adorable. I GOT TO BUILD IT AND IT WAS REALLY FUN I HAD FUN.

Ok I have a little bit of a soft spot for Torterra. I don't know, he has a god damn TREE on his back. AND LOOK AT THAT FACE. HOW CAN YOU NOT MELT SLIGHTLY AT THAT FACE.
Anyway, I'd been secretly wanting this plush for ages, and finally found this guy in a sales post at a great price! I feel bad, I think the seller actually lost out a little sending this hunk of love so cheaply all the way to Australia. ;n; If you're still out there.. sorry! But at least now he has a loving home here with me. I love him immensely I do I do.

HEATMOR. KID. OH PRECIOUS GRUMPY BABBY. He is not feeling the merchandise love lately, but this Kid is pretty much the definition of adorable. THOSE LITTLE GRUMPY EYES I CAN NOT RESIST SUCH AN EQUALLY SERIOUS AND RIDICULOUS POKEMON. <3

Eww gross artificial light. What is this, 1992? Whatever you guys I REALLY WANTED TO INCLUDE THIS IN MY UPDATE BEFORE I FORGET FOR ANOTHER THREE MONTHS. I managed to snag one of the Venusaur Pokemon Time blind packaged tins! SCORE. These babies were making me real nervous, because it's so easy to never see them ever again. And it's got cute little candy in it! HOW ADORABLE IS THAT? They're a little smaller than I thought they would be, but they're really well made, and rather charming, so it's ok with me. c: I do wonder though, is there another Venusaur PT tin? Like, with a single full art shot or something? I haven't seen one, but that's no proof that it doesn't exist in collecting. :U

Ghh forgot to take a real photo o this so you get my website photo AREN'T YOU LUCKY. I also managed to grab a Venusaur/Bulbasaur PT bookmark, which makes me very happy. c: I'm still looking or the patterned version though, so if you've got that, I will happily throw my money at you. <3

OH AND THEN THERE'S THIS DAPPER BASTARD. A weird clear Tomy bootleg. I tried cleaning him up and painting him a little, since his paint job was pretty inaccurate, but just ended up rubbing some of the colour off him instead. WOOPS SORRY BUDYY. :x


I may save my wants for my re-intro post, but for the time being, the only thing I'm /seriously/ looking for is this little guy.
Venusaur BK plush
If ANYONE is willing to sell me a BK Venusaur plush, please let me know! He's the last plush I need to complete my Venusaur plush collection. :'D
But anyway yeah THANKS GUYS YOU'RE ALL BABES. <3
Tags: darmanitan, gulpin, heatmor, lombre, lotad, ludicolo, numel, sunflora, swalot, torterra, venusaur, wanted
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