eevee_love (eevee_love) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My plush and case! and 2 new items :3 and a question quite important to me

I found my Cyndaquil plush and My Eievui Ds Game case ^_^ plush I got the Pokewalker cases for my pokewalkers as well so I threw those in the picture as well :)

Sorry for like spamming with posts like once a day :/ I apologize if it bugs people T-T

But for the serious part of this post
I have limited funds being me and with things I have to pay for as opposed to fun things and have seen like on Ebay hey Cheap like REALLY cheap pokemon plush and figures and am like i Have no Idea if they are licensed or how well they will hold up cause like I have seen them elsewhere so much more expensive is Ebay a good place to buy plush and Figures?
and same with Amazon good place or no?
and Would I be better off just stalking here and buying my Plushes and figures from here since I know all your things that you sell are well taken care of and all real licensed products.
I just want to know the safest bet for getting Good quality plush and figures as opposed to cheap ones that fall apart on me.

Tags: cyndaquil, plush
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