Psychocereals (kibakazuki) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Small christmas wants post :)

Heeeeeeey community and fellow collectors!

First off i would like to apologise for my lack of activity, i would be much more active but currently theres just lots of stress in work, and at home as well, because of pre - christmas time. D: so anyone who is still waiting for a reply, i did not forget about it. ;)
(but i hope this post is displayed correctly because i just figured out how to post into a community with my phone uwu)

aaaanyway as part of the christmas present for myself along with a pretty homestuck hoodie ( coughselfishcough) i was looking for either a vaporeon, espeon or umbreon pokedoll, but i didn't have a lot of luck yet, and the ones i found were way over my budget :/
So if anyone of you guys knows a little more where i could get one of these, please tell me!
I was looking for minky ones ( vaporeon especially, since i dont like the yellowish fin things a lot uwu) and i could pay up to 40$ for it, while a little more or less wouldnt be a big drama. less would be better anyway hehe

Thanks a lot for your help in advance! Have a nice christmas time <3

PS WOWOWOW SCREeEech I cant wait for the big I <3 Eevee plushes to be released! I'm just way too excited 8D pretty fluffy things

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Tags: espeon, pokedolls, umbreon, vaporeon
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