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New serpent get

It is just a quick get of beloved Serperior pokedoll. This is from a recent group buy I hosted. The GB ended with a big success and here it is. The fabric feel so soft and smooth especially for the dark green parts. Hopefull I will not get insomnia by the Move Glare. lol

Serperior lined up with Pokemon Time Dragonair. I am so amazed how they made this plush look so arrogant as it should be. There is a small deviation on how the mouth of Serperior looks like between the artwork shown on the hang-tag and the real item. One more thing is that Serperior could not stand up by its own so it has to rely on Dragonair. =)

Secondly, I have a quick question for you guys. I got some Retsuden stamps recently but they are almost running out of ink. Do you know from which website I can get three different ink pads that meet the colors of the Articuno, Zapdos, and Milotic stamps? BTW, where do you usually stamp your Pokemon when you send a letter or package? I am so eager to try each of them.
DSC00031 (1280x960)

Finally, I am looking to buy mint cards which I do not have from Dragon Vault. A full list of them are:
04/20 Dragonair
07/20 Shelgon
10/20 Latios (regular, non-promo) & 14/20 Fraxure
16/20 Haxorus
19/20 First Ticket

I have a spare 9/20 Latias and 11/20 Rayquaza (promo) if you want to do a trade. =)
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