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PokeCen and UFO GA

schenziSales Permission granted on 07/20/11 by [info]dakajojo and feedback is located here:
my feedback can be found here:

- schenzi will be buying/shipping and will be dealing with totals and posts
schenzi ships from the UK & will send items internationally - international shipping starts at $5.50 for plush
- We are not responsible for items lost in the mail.  If you are concerned please pay for insurance.
- There will be three payments: lot price plus internal shipping, shipping to me and shipping to you
- Paypal only
- Prices start at $5, please make increments of at least $1
- all pkmncollector rules still apply on top of these rules.
- any bids in the last 5 minutes of the auction will increase the auction by 5 minutes

NOTE: There is a small risk of incurring customs fees with shipping to the UK.  I will choose airmail as the shipping option to try and minimise this risk.

You can find the countdown here. it ends on the 11th of decemeber at 9am GMT

Threads are up so bid bid bid!


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