Danielsard2 (danielsard2) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Lets git 'er done

Hi, this message is for the participants of the "Dat Hidden Charizard" GA and lucario

Most packages have been shipped, if not reached you by now. I sent domestic ones with a tracking that you can find on your PayPal account, however international packages were sent without it due to paypal becoming too expensive to use for international labels (and I never charged you for tracking anyway)

I also need a payment from freekites please, so I can get your stuff out

atlantia_rai can you please PM me your address? the payment I got had none on it :(

I also need to bring your attention lucario, as I still need shipping payment for your piplup, which I want to get to your rightful owner hands ASAP. He is sad and wondering where is his new owner =/

Please address the pending payments danielsard-at-gmail-dot-com with the GA you participated in, your username AND in the memo, the item(s) you won. Any payments not in compliance will be refunded and considered as never received

Thanks everyone for your attention, now I go to sleep because I am beat, and I need to get up semi early to clean my place

Good Night =3
Tags: group auction, payments
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