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Gets from Japan!!

Oh man oh man, not even halfway though my journey and I think I'm already done with buying stuff at the Pokecenter.


First days of my trip were in Tokyo... And my bro noticed an Audino on a window by our Hotel Station. And a sign on the platform of the train on our way back to our room. Curious, we decided to follow it....


What you see above are kids lining up for a party hat celebrating an anniversary of something? Not sure what, but a pamphlet i got said it was the 10th anniversary of Ruby/Sapphire, so maybe that was it?

The center was REALLY BUZY,  but everyone was calm and organised. There were typically tons of eevee stuff, but they were sadly stocked out of the standing vaporeons :c
There were also these things which I LOVED, but sadly I will never fit into them owo''

I, typically, bought alot of things I wasn't supposed to. I don't regret it though!

The Jolty and one of The Umbreons are for my close friends back home~ The Vappys came from my next stop, Osaka!!

I have far too many pics of the Osaka Pokecenter to load at the moment, but here's one! The poster you see as you go down the escalator!

It was pretty calm compared to Tokyo, but the union room area was packed! I regrettably forgot my DS in the hotel :c
There were also HEAPS of Eevee sttuff left, including coasters, clearfiles, BOTH types of plush (Thankfully! I got my Vaporeon ;w;) and cups and cookie tins and DS things... But I guess the Osaka store in general is less hectic than it's Tokyo counterpart, huh?

Also ran across a Namco thing on the way back. A bunch of claw machines. and one....


But in the end, the game was too hard for me :c

My bro, covered in the Osaka haul ;w;

My other bro, responsible for the poketime tins in the last haul photo, finally pulled his Growlithe tin ;w;
Or rather, TINS. He bought two jus in case his luck was like last time but he lucked out both times! He has no idea what to do with the other one though...

I couldn't resist the cake molds! Although, I have to ask anyone who knows - can they be used in a conventional oven too?



And wow, what a great serial number!!!

My bro is heading back tomorrow morning to wait it out for the eevee mansion promo because he wants to see what a release morning is like~ I might join him later and I shall definitely not forget my DS!!

But I have a feeling I'm not done with the center yet....
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