ShoelaceKid (quackamajackers) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Delibird GA finally in!

Good news everyone! The delibird GA is here!
Sorry about the terrible pictures! My camera is out of batteries, so I used my webcam.

The spread sheet is here. Please send all payments to All payments include paypal fees, and $1 or $1.30 extra for envelopes. People with larger plush, or more plush, I have to get larger envelopes for, so thats the reason for the extra 30 cents.

 If you can't send payment right now, or would like to wait a bit, thats okay! Just tell me first! I know its the holidays and its been a while for this GA to come in, so if you can't pay right now I don't mind holding the plush for a bit at all. Just let me know whats up, and I'll be more than happy to work with you :D

Most plush are fine, but there is a bit of a stain on Staraptor and I have some pictures of the Pokedex case showing just how bad the damamage is.
Damage assessments!Collapse )

I'm sorry rhys107 for putting this up instead of you, but I just wanted to get this up asap. 
Tags: group auction
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