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Hello everyone! My name's Jackie, and I've just joined this community.

I've been interested in Pokémon since Emerald was released in 2005. I was about 6 1/2 years old at that time. Since then, I've had many of the games, plushes, and figures. My favorite Pokémon has always been Salamence because I was introduced to Pokémon during the Hoenn region's debut, and I've always loved dragons. Thus, I have decided to begin collecting Salamence, Shelgon, and Bagon. I have a couple items coming, so I will wait to post a picture of my collection until these items arrive.

Now, for my wants. My biggest wish is for a Salamence Pokedoll. I'm aware that it is exceedingly rare, but if anyone has one for sale or knows anything about one, I would love to take a look (since I might get a little money for my birthday in 2 weeks!). Other than that, if anyone has other Salamence, Shelgon, or Bagon merchandise, I would love to know! I hope to be welcomed here, and thank you for reading my little intro post!
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