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I knew I forgot something.... December Kids! ~ Eevees!

Just when I thought I have finished my last PO run for the year... I have completely forgotten... the December Kids!
So some quick sale again ;u;

All Sold! But if you'd like me to check back in the shop feel free to post, although it seems these sell really fast so I am just trying too :S

Please remember to read the rules first!


.... Iris's Dragonite makes me lol, its expression is really amusing xD

Here's the official picture references:

All eeveelutions and Dragonite are $9 SHIPPED ANYWHERE EACH, and others are $8 SHIPPED EACH. ($1 discount for each additional kids on the same order)


I am open to pick up requests which will be the same price, but the shop only has limited quantities right now so I am not sure if they have everything in stock, just let me know what you want and I can check for you. You only have to pay after I have the kids in hands, I will check back in the shop any time before next Sunday and please pay within 48 hours after I have your kids picked up.

The shop also have these kids set from sales (stock varies), also $8 SHIPPED ANYWHERE EACH, in case anyone still wants these old ones:
November attack kids 
October Kids
August Kids
July Kids

Shipping is airmail from Hong Kong, please note that according to the PO, the Christmas shipping deadline has already passes so it is unlikely that these will get to you before Christmas. 
Registered mail with tracking is available for an additional $2, which is strongly recommended during this time of the year. Or if you are worried about the Christmas postage rush, let me know and I can hold these for you until after Christmas for a safer shipping. Otherwise I won't be responsible for any lost packages.
Shipping will be in bubble mailers unless otherwise requested, kids will have box flattened.

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