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Zukan Weeding Auctions

Hey there,

I have some more zukans I need to get rid off:

Anywho, here they are:


1) Sales permission granted on 05/22/11 by dakajojo.
2) Feedbacks: OLD and NEW
3) I ship from Canada from a dog/cat free ( I have tortoises), smoke free home
for these zukans starts at $14 for Canadians (tell me about it), $9.5 for US and $10.5 for
internationals, if anyone knows how to get cheaper shipping from
Toronto, please let me know (aside from cutting down on supply costs)**

4) I accept PayPal only
5) I do offer/accept payment plans, feel free to ask
6) I will expect payment within 24 hours after I have provided with total
7) Deletion or editing of posts are forbidden, if you make a mistake, just post again explaining the mistake
8) Auctions will end on Sat, Dec 15 at 10pm EST Countdown HERE
9) Sniping will not be allowed, if there is a lot of activity near the end of the auction, it will only end when there is no activity for 5 minutes.

10) Again please read the shipping section in red above, as there were people last time who
bid on my auctions, and only start asking and complaining about high
shipping cost after the auction is over.
So please, read it.

Here they are: (prices starting at)


Swampert line: $15

Sharpedo line: $25

Lanturn lin, Ralicanth, Luvdisc (wrong base): $15

Lanturn line, Ralicant, Luvdisc (correct base): $20

Manaphy line: $5

Glalie line: $5

Medicham line: $5

Leafeon, Glaceon line: $15

Lumeon line: $5

Hoothoot line: $10

Krabby line: $15

Lotad line: $20

Tentacool line: $15

Magikarp (stuck to base): $20

Remoraid line, Qwuilfish, Mantine: $20

Seaking line: $15

Abra line (EURO): $15

Marill line (azuril stuck to base): $20

Gyarados: $100

Wailmer: $30

Gen 1 eeveelution (eevee peg broken, comes with eevee egg): $160

Milo line: $80

MIP luxray line: $7


All starts at $2

baseless marill line: $15
Eon twins: $15
All others: $3
Bases: $1 (Unown base and Dragonite base)

Tags: auction, eevee, flareon, glaceon, gyarados, jolteon, leafeon, lotad, milotic, vaporeon, zukan
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