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♥ 2013 Secret Valentine Exchange ♥

2013 valentine

A friend is like a valentine,
Heartwarming, bringing pleasure,
Connected to good feelings,
With memories to treasure.

Welcome to the second annual PKMNCollectors Secret Valentine Exchange! Last year's exchange was a huge success so we will be hosting this wonderful event again! This project has been approved by denkimouse and will be hosted by godudettedewott and allinia

I. The Exchange 

-Why are we doing this? The big idea for Secret Valentine is to spread some Valentine cheer throughout the community. We want to help you make some new friends and receive a special surprise in the mail for a holiday that we can all celebrate!

-What is the process? This is a multi-step project that requires active community members. There are many individuals involved in this project and everyone must maintain communication to help make this work as perfectly as possible!
  • In order to become a 2013 Secret Valentine, you must first fill out a survey and contract to be reviewed and approved by a host.
  • You will be assigned a host and will have to email your address to them. You will receive a reply when your address has been received.
  • After sign-ups are closed, you will be contacted by your host again. You will be assigned one member and will be given their survey information and address.
  • You can now shop for your Secret Valentine! If you are buying from another community member, please make sure you allow enough time for the item to arrive to you!
  • ALL Secret Valentine gifts must be shipped out by Saturday, February 9, 2013. You must keep a copy of your shipping receipt. If you are in an international country that does not provide detailed shipping receipts, take a picture of your package before you send it so we all know that you did! Let your host know that your gift was sent out and send your proof of shipping picture to them as well.
-How do I sign up? You have until December 22, 2012 to sign up by completing the survey and contract and commenting to this post with your information. 

-How do I choose a gift? You must spend at least $15 on a gift for your Secret Valentine (this amount does not include the shipping cost to your Valentine). You should be able to find something for your Valentine using the information on their survey. Including a custom valentine note, message and/or card is highly encouraged! Spread some valentine cheer throughout the community beginning with your gift, but do not send a bootleg or reject items to your valentine, please! 

II. The Rules 

As much as we would like to have all members participate in the exchange, we unfortunately have to limit participation. In order to participate:
  • You must have posted to the community at least twice.
  • You must have been a member of the community for at least one month.
  • You must have at least ten positive feedbacks from pkmncollectors members and one of these must have occurred within the November - December 2012. If you have an extensive amount of positive feedback but one has not occurred recently, you can still apply!
Please, DO NOT sign up if you do not have regular access to the post office, do not have $15 to spend on a gift, or if you anticipate that you may not be available on pkmncollectors for the next two months. This community project is a counted as a transaction and you will receive negative feedback if you do not follow the rules, both from your Secret Valentine for failing to complete a trade and from your host.
  • The hosts also reserve the right to deny participation from any member for any reason. 
  • Members with neutral and/or negative feedback will be allowed to participate at the discretion of the hosts.

III. The Survey

-Step One: Copy and paste the following survey into a new comment on this post!

1. Username: 
2. Country:

3. Favorite Pokemon or Merchandise:
4. Methods of contact:
5. Link to feedback:
6. Is there anything else your valentine should know about you?
7. Special considerations:
  • For question three, please list at least five of your favorite Pokemon and/or merchandise. The more you list, the easier it will be for your valentine to shop for you!
  • For question four, please include an email address so we can contact you quickly and easily. If LJ PMs are unreliable for you, please mention this as well.
  • For question six, you are free to write anything about yourself and your collection that may help your valentine shop for you. This is the area to write out important things that your valentine may need to know-- e.g. if you have any allergies (animals, latex, etc), if you do not collect duplicate items, if you only want items in brand new condition, etc. Remember that your valentine is allowed to send custom items- if you do or do not like customs please list that here. You can even include a link to your wishlist (if you have one). If your survey is not descriptive enough, a host will ask you to revise it.
  • For question seven, please include any special information that you would like to convey to the hosts. For example, you may wish to only ship within the US or Europe. Let us know any special requests that you have so we can try to give you an appropriate Valentine.
  • **** Please, please, remember that your valentine will be shopping for a gift for you during the next two months. If you are not interested in receiving doubles, try not to purchase items off the community that you have asked for in your survey. ****
-Step Two: Complete (fill in the blank) and sign the terms of pkmncollectors Secret Valentine by copying and pasting it underneath the survey.
  • I, _____________________, hereby certify that I will follow all terms of pkmncollectors 2013 Secret Valentine. By completing this survey, I acknowledge that I have read all of the rules for 2013 Secret Valentine and agree to spend at least $15 on my Secret Valentine. I must ship my gift out by February 9, 2013 and I must keep a copy of my proof of shipping for my host. If I do not follow these rules, I acknowledge that I will receive negative pkmncollectors community feedback for failing to complete a trade.
-Step Three: Wait for a reply!
  • Your 2013 hosts will review your application and will reply whether or not you have been accepted into the Secret Valentine exchange! If you are accepted, you will be given a host and must email your address to them. Your host will contact you after sign-ups are closed and will give you your Secret Valentine, their survey, and their address. You can begin to shop for a gift at any time but make sure you will have enough time to ship it if you are buying internationally.
  • If you are denied, you will have to wait until next year to participate in pkmncollectors Secret Valentine exchange. Realize that these strict rules are in place to protect all of our members from being left out or forgotten! You may participate next time if you have all of the requirements fulfilled.
-Step Four: Shop for your Secret Valentine and send your gift!
  • Read your valentine's survey and look for the perfect gift! If you are having trouble locating a gift, please contact your host asap! We will try to help you find a gift or will ask your valentine to supplement their survey if needed. ;) 
  • After you send your gift, please keep a copy of your proof of shipping. Take a picture of the package or postal receipt or scan your postal receipt. Send the image to your host and let them know that your gift has been sent out.

-When can I sign-up?
  • Sign-ups will be open until December 22, 2012. You must have your survey and contract filled out and posted as a comment to this post by then!
-Who are the hosts and how will we be assigned to one?
  • You will be randomly assigned to a host and a Secret Valentine using a random number generator.
  • godudette (myself), rachelled, and allinia are your three hosts this year! All of our contact information is available here.
-Can I send a custom item as my gift?
  • Yes, as long as your Secret Valentine is okay with that! Make sure you that you give yourself enough time to complete your custom gift- it must be sent out by February 9, 2013. Your custom item(s) must equal at least $15- not the cost of the materials, but the cost of what you would sell it at!
-I don't know how to make my survey detailed enough!
  • Take a look at the completed surveys in the comments for some great tips and ideas!
-Help! There is an emergency situation going on right now! What do I do? Will I still receive negative feedback?
  • If anything comes up, contact your host immediately! We will try to help you out as much as possible.
  • If anything prevents you from sending out your gift, unfortunately you will still receive negative feedback. By completing the survey and contract of 2013 Secret Valentine, you agreed to send out your gift and follow all of the rules. This exchange counts as a transaction- it is a trade- and you will receive negative feedback from your host if you do not participate correctly.
  • If you fail to complete your part of 2013 Secret Valentine, you will be banned from all future gift exchanges on the community.

Thanks for reading! All questions and comments are welcome, so tell us what you think! 
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