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I accidentally collection.....

I....I don't know what happened......I don't know what came over me.....but...I accidentally collection......and it just keeps on coming....My Shroomy and Mien pokedolls sit a top my two sunyshore orders. These boxes are HUGE. You know you want to look...don't be shy.

I've been waiting eagerly for this box to come to me. The hype was too much for me and seeing everyone post about them until its arrival was hard to endure. AND YES, I KNOW YOU ALL ARE PROBABLY TIRED OF VEES BY NOW BUT I WANT A TURN. I'VE BEEN WAITING PATIENTLY.

Soooo yeah......this....sorta happened. It's shocking because I'm not even an Eevee collector to begin with! Yes, I always had a love for Jolteon back in the good ol' days though I never had a motive to collect him, let alone the whole line. Yeah, I have the zukan and a kid here and there but I never wanted to collect Jolteon or the Vee's hardcore. I knew there was competition and I knew they went for a pretty penny.....I guess that doesn't help me now. Does it?  I think what provoked me to buy this was being around during the Vee Canvas explosion. I was there for the whole craze but didn't partake in the promotion. In time, I regretted it. It's all everyone was talking about. The plush looked amazing, everyone was happy about them and it was just a crazy fun time for the whole community. Ever since I always regretted not getting any of the Canvas Vee's. Despite me being there start to finish.

I wanted to be prepared this year. I told myself: Okay, Tara. You go ahead and get the new plush set of the Eevee's this year. Go nuts! You get those Vee's! But.....holy crap. Instead of just releasing a set like they did with the Canvas plush.....I got...about 7. X_X AAAAAAAH! Haha but I told myself , I wouldn't miss out this year and that I was allowed to go nuts so I don't regret it in the coming months to next year. And ya know what? I regret nothing! I'm very pleased with the quality stuff they decided to release this year. It's like they knew I was going to cave and buy the Vee's this year and they rewarded me with a plethora of items to choose from....my wallet isn't happy but I am. My first Eevee promotion didn't hit me all at once but was spread out between 6! And It's still going!!! It's really exciting! I've had a lot of fun getting to talk about them and watch the community during this whole Eevee boom. So yeah, I did spend $1,000+ this year on pokemon I don't even collect but I really am happy about this promotion and having fun throughout the process. I don't think I'll hardcore collect the Vees, even Jolteon but I will try to get a hold of the canvas eventually, the jakks figures, I <3 Eevee and a few items pokecen plans to release in the coming months. But for now, this is it.


For starters, I got a complete set of the Tomy sitting plush. It's the first set I ended up buying but the last set that arrived to me which made me really excited when I finally got them. I ADORE the patterns. All are amazing. I wish that the pokecen did these poses while tomy did the standing just so they could be minky. Haha. The size is bigger than what I expected and their faces are perfect. I also love how Jolteon's snout is more unique and different from all the other Eevee's.


I finally had an excuse to buy all the new tomy poses of the Eevee's. They all came in that snazzy bubble set. 


The mini's were a surprise! I jumped for joy when they released these the day of the promotion. I was asking myself why they haven't made these a long time ago. They all look excellent next to their normal sized pokedoll counterparts. I decided to get an extra set of the Kanto trio to display out of their boxes.


The cups I was very happy about getting. As I can decorate my room with them, rather than using them. I know I could display items and plush in them. They are so colorful and sturdy! A little tiny compared to an average cup but since I'm not using these to drink out of I don't mind.  I almost got the bowl and plate set. ALMOST but I just wasn't feeling them and I didn't want to ruin them if I used them. I think I was more into the box they came in than the items....


I don't think anyone has covered the 3DSLL case yet. When I saw this, I KNEW I wanted to use it. I love it! It easily makes my Red 3DSLL into a nice transparent pink. It's rubbery and easily slipped in place. I have a Breloom/Slakoth pan sticker on the back of it. I also bought the 3DSLL Eevee Cartridge holder, the one that holds up to 24 games but it hasn't come in the mail yet. Soon, I'll have a matching set. ^-^

I think out of these items I was very eager to get the make-up bag. I knew I had to get it! I waited for it to be on Sunyshore and I heard it sold out quickly at all the centers, I panicked. Though, I did find one and completely love the thing. It's small but I only use a handful of makeup so everything fits perfectly.

Another thing to sell out quickly at the center was the blanket. Once that was announced I knew I had to get that too. I love it but I'm still contemplating if I should leave it in the packaging or use it. I thought it was going to be a lot bigger than it was since it's purpose for  me was going to be a new winter blanket for my bed. I'm still figuring out what I should do. It is quite beautiful though.

And lastly, the cookie tin case! Aaaaaaah! This is actually bigger than I imagined which I'm happy about. I plan to put collection items and some flats in it. I'm not sure if I should keep the cookies mint, eat them or sell them to the community.
Would you guys buy them? I have no idea. 

The coasters and place mats are the items I'm most iffy about. They're all so beautiful front and back but I was hoping the coasters were going to be plastic or a thick material rather than a flimsy fabric. Kinda like the old coaster set they had years back for the Vee's. I'm still debating if I want to keep these, use the mats in my collection display as backdrops or keep them in the packaging. Decisions, decisions. 

And lastly, the only set I thought I was getting this year. XD I'm VERY pleased with these plush and I'm so thrilled to take part in such a gigantic Eevee promotion. These plush are such high quality, great medium size and so, so soft. Pokecen has really out done themselves. I ended up buying two sets of these plush because I'm crazy. One from sunyshore which I will display and another that I will keep mint in plastic bags. Soon, I'll have my other Jolteon and I can display them all. 
These are pretty much my Canvas plush. <3

I'm also stupid enough to take part in the "I <3 Eevee promotion". The first set of keychains sit a top my HD Cintiq screen. I can't wait to get the second so that I can line them all up on my screen. HD Eevee I'm waiting on.

These are old news but dang it! I just barely got mine since they were combined with my huge Vee order. I had to wait a long time just to see mine, so I'm forcing you to look at them again! Love, love love them both. They vaguely remind me of Dream Pets which I also collect.

Again, happy about the whole thing. Can't wait for all the I <3 Eevee stuff and so on and blah blah blah... lets talk about the sloth line....

And a non-Eevee get I haven't had the time to showcase iiiiiiiiiiis~

My outstanding Slaking Pokedoll!





He's absolutely PERFECT! He looks just like my pokedoll design art! Usakochan has yet again, done an incredible job. The little teeth, the fur tufts and the pecks are to die for. ;u; For such a big intimidating pokemon, she sure did an amazing job to make him look cute, cuddly and adorable! I'm so happy with the turnout as always.

I now have a complete set of custom Usakochan sloth pokedolls! They match perfectly. FINALLY! YES! AHAHAHAHA! Aaaaaaah....which means who will I commission for next? Hmmmmmm...you all shall see.

I'll have a bigger update about my main lines next time. 




Screen shot 2012-12-09 at 10.08.00 PM

[Click here or the picture above to be redirected to Sales/Auctions/Offer Page]

Also, a quick reminder that my offers for my custom shiny Flareon, Espeon and Vaporeon pokedolls
end tomorrow on December 10th 5 PM Monday PDT!
Shiny Flareon
and Shiny Vaporeon have been offered with the starting price while Shiny Espeon has none. These Vee's would make a great addition to anyone's collection! Please give them a home this holiday season. 

My small zukan auction will also end tomorrow at the same time. Make sure to get your final bids in. Also, I've added a small link to non-pokemon sales in the entry. 



I thought I'd give this one more try and ask the community about what will probably be my last "Wants" post of the year. 

~Zigzagoon Plush~

Aaaaah! I want this plush! Anyone who is willing to sell one or lead me to someone who is would be great. I'd be so happy to find this guy for Christmas. I'd pay big bux for it.

~Meowth Pokedoll~

This one is a long shot but am willing to pay big bucks to obtain a Meowth Pokedoll. 
~Krookodile MPC~

I've been after this since it came out and even attempted to do a group buy to get a hold of one but in the end, I'm still searching. Help me find my red gator. 


~Slakoth Metal Figures~

My quest for my Slakoth Metal figures continues. 
I need the following colors below if anyone has them of Slakoth!

~Linoone TFG~

I missed out on getting this guy a couple times but I still have hope I'll come across him again.

~AG Slakoth + Slaking Retsuden Stamps~

;A; Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! These retsuden stamps......I've been searching for this set for years with no prevail. Please, please, PLEASE help me out community. I want to complete this set SO baaaaad it hurts. And does anyone know what I should type in Y!J for searches? 

Furret/Sentret/Linoone/Zigzagoon/Luxray/Absol/Mienfoo Settei

Any of the above pokeys settei would be amazing to get! *Grabby hands*

*Zigzagoon Tomy
*Luxray Europe Marble Shooter Figure
*Emolga Bath Soap Figure
*May Megablok
*May Bandana
*May Figure Keychain w/Torchic or Flygon
*Buizel Canvas Plush
*Clear Attack Zigzagoon Kid

And of course, anything that is not on my SLOTHYSHROOM website. Feel free to comment and post anything I may not have. Who knows, I probably buy it.

Thanks, all! And have a great week!


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