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Sales Thread
Sales permission :
granted on 09 December 2012 by entirelycliched

My feedback

Rules & General Info :
1. All pkmncollectors community rules apply.
2. All price are not included with shipping fee.
3. Paypal only. Please pay the fee too. I only accept in USD. When using PayPal select GOODS as payment
4. I will not sell to anyone who has been banned from pkmncollectors
5. If you don't reply back to me within 1 day I will move on to the next person who is interested in the same item as you.Even you said you want to buy it and i do not get the payment within 1 day I will move on to the next person who wants it too. I can extend it but if you let me know first max 2 weeks extension.
6. I will not respond to requests via PM or email. If your interested in something please post. I will reply ASAP.
7. Feel free to haggle (All prices are negotiable). The more you buy, I can make the price lower.
8. In PayPal please include your screen name as well as what items you are buying.
9. Will hold items for 12 hours if committed to buy.
10. Please ask if you would like to see more pictures of something or would like to know its condition.
11. All plush complete with tags. All items come from smoke and pet free home.
12. Paypal address : mpondw(at)yahoo(dot)com

Shipping :
1. I will always do combined shipping.
2. If you want me to do insurance please tell me and it will have some additional fees.
3. I will not responsible for any lost or damage in the shipment. I always pack the items with protection. I can't do anything to avoid mail service's package mistreatment or lack of care. No refund at all.
4. All items are mint and brand new otherwise I will specify on the item description. Also always come from smoke and pet free home.

Shipping fee:
Some of the items are huge and will cost a lot in shipping fee please make sure to ask me before you claim it.

I only take pics of one of each item. But in some case i have plenty stock of an item. So if you see anyone bought the item but i do not put it at "SOLD" list, that means i have more stock. I will put on sold or payment pending whenever someone quote the item. Feel free to haggle, i can negotiate the more you buy. (in this case that item is the last stock).




Photo Mar 11, 4 01 02 PM
2011 Canvas plush :
Torchic, chimchar, turtwig : 25 usd each
Stunfisk and mudkip : 30 usd each LAST STOCK

Photo Mar 11, 4 02 03 PM
2011 Canvas plush Kanto starter (Won't break the set) 150 usd LAST STOCK

Valentine 2011 Pikachu pair plush keychain 70 usd LAST STOCK
Haloween Pikachu 2012 pikaboo 50 usd

Photo Feb 26, 3 04 18 PM
2012 Takara tomy eevelution set sitting plush 300 usd (will not break the set) LAST STOCK

photo (3)
Pikachu tail campaign cushion (approx. 40 cm x 40 cm) 75usd LAST STOCK

Photo Feb 26, 2 59 53 PM
2012 Pokemon center eeveelution set plush 375 usd (will not break the set) LAST STOCK

Walking Starter - Eeveephoto (24)
2010 Walking starter eevee pokemon center plush keychain regular size 45 usd LAST STOCK
Eeveelutions Mascot doll Pokemon center 2012 (ONLY sell as a full set) 250 usd LAST STOCK

photo (4)IMG_1050
2011 Audino & Cubchoo Christmas Plush Pokemon center 40 usd each LAST STOCK

photo (23)photo (26)
Gengar pokemon time : 50 usd LAST STOCK
Slowpoke pokedoll : 40 usd LAST STOCK
Raichu pokdoll: 80 usd LAST STOCK
Charizard pokedoll : 45 usd
2010 canvas pokemon center growlithe 100 usd LAST STOCK

photo (4)
Black and White kyurem pokemon center plush : 100 usd each
(they are big plush approx. 36cmx37cmx22cm ) LAST STOCK

Charms, straps & keychains
photo (31)
Japan Pokemon Center Kamitsure (Elesa) gym badge 20 usd LAST STOCK

Photo Feb 26, 3 19 44 PM
Pokemon Time 2011 phone strap set ( won't break the set, because this is the last set i have) 140 usd LAST STOCK

image (19)
Pikachu metal charm Yokohama exclusive 12 usd LAST STOCK
Pikachu metal charm Tohoku exclusive 12 usd LAST STOCK

chespin fenekin
Official pokemon league year 2013 keychain, can be separated 5 usd each

photo (14)
2011 pokemon center japan haloween charm
oshawot 25 usd LAST STOCK
pikachu 25 usd LAST STOCK
chandelure set 35 usd LAST STOCK
gothitelle set 18 usd LAST STOCK
cofagrigus set 15 usd LAST STOCK

Christmas 2011 pokemon center charm set : pikachu set, oshawoot set, cubchoo set, audino set (I won't break the set ) : 20 usd each set ( 75 usd for all 4 sets)
Christmas 2011 pokemon center badge : 15 usd LAST STOCK

Miscellaneous :

2012 pokemon center eeveelution blanket sealed never used 100 usd LAST STOCK

Pokemon Center Limited Pokemon Gallery Clear File 8 set Ken Sugimori SEALED 100 usd

photo (27)
2010 walking starter pokemon center eevee pouch 40 usd LAST STOCK

pokemon center pikachu dice 30 usd (1 set = 2 dices)

photo (20)photo (22)
Pikachu @Tokyo Skytree shirt L size. Sealed never opened. The second picture took from mine which opened to show the full image on the shirt

Photo Jun 03, 1 18 29 AM
Eeveelutions set kids figure (I won't break the set) 70 usd LAST STOCK


15th Pokemon Anniversary premium box SEALED. 425 usd
In the package : 2 sets of sleeves, 15th anniversary stamped reshiram and zekrom full art (JAPANESE), cloth playmate. acrylic damage counter and markers.

photo (28)
Eevee promo city championship 2012-13
Jolteon promo regional championship 2012-13
Vaporeon promo state championship 2012-13
Umbreon promo regional championship 2012-13
Glaceon promo city championship 2013-14
5 usd each

Leafeon Glaceonzoroark 13th movie deck box
Glaceon and leafeon deck box 2007 35 usd LAST STOCK
Zoroark movie theater deck box 35 usd LAST STOCK

Pokemon Jungle booster box sealed wizard of the coast. ( Red pokemon logo indicates Australian printing back in those days) 325 usd

photo (18)
Patches: 5 usd each
SOLD: HOUNDOUR, Typhlosion
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