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collection update time!

It's been a long while since I posted a collection update, so here we go! :) This update mainly features new additions to my Buizel, Oshawott, and Spheal line collections.

Come take a better look!

First up is a shot of my shelves.

Random American plush I like go up top. I'm so happy to finally have a Spoink plush. It's so cute! I have a fondness for pigs.

Next is my Buizel shelf! There are a lot of new flats I've added to the collection. Other new additions will be noted in the close-ups below.

Nothing new here.

The chibi Buizel with the hook on its head is a new item! I've had the bootleg (right next to it) for awhile, so it's nice to finally have the legit version! It's very cute.

My metal Buizel collection is coming along nicely! The small Buizel next to the metal figures is also new. I have no idea where it is from, but it is super cute! I also got the newest Buizel kid. I decided not to open it because it's the same sitting Buizel kid figure that has already been released twice. xD So now I have three of the exact same figure. I couldn't resist buying it, though!

A close-up of some keychains hanging in the back. The sitting Buizel is my favorite.

My Oshawott collection has seen the most growth! Recent plush additions are the snowman plush, talking plush, Jakks plush keychain, and the mini-Pokedoll. The minidoll is so cute! I wasn't going to get one at first, but after getting the Espeon and Vaporeon minidolls I realized they are so cute and I had to have it. I like it more than the normal-sized doll! Now for some close-ups!

New items here: Samurott clipping figure, zukan, snowman keychain, dot sprite charms.

I'm not super-hardcore collecting Oshawott (in fact, I'm already running out of room sob) but I love how it looks right now. I'll continue to pick up the items I like and see where it goes. :) My biggest want for this collection now is the Oshawott clipping figure.

My Spheal collection has seen some growth! My Tepig and Foongus side-collections don't see growth very often, but the Jakks plush keychain is fairly new. Such a happy piggie!

I finally obtained the Hasbro Spheal! Here he is next to the bootie version. I think I may have overpaid but it was worth it. He's so cute!

I comissioned a Sealeo crochet plush from jujufox and it is the cutest thing! It's too bad Sealeo never got an official plush. ;__;

Here are my Pokecen and Pokedoll plushes. The most recent additions are both forms of the Keldeo Pokedoll. I fell for the Eevee craze and obtained a set of the Pokecen Eeveelus. I also recently bought a Ponyta PT plush and it is SO CUTE.

I also bought myself an Eevee blanket! So cute! I really love it.

There are only a few new additions here.

The only new addition in this shot is the Zangoose vs Vileplume flat...which you can't even see thanks to the flash. orz

New here are some flats! I love being able to put flats up behind figures and plush, especially for Zangoose since he doesn't have much merch.

New here are the green-based Seel stamp, Seel and Shelder stamp, and the clear Dewgong. The little stamp with Shelder is so cute!

I finally obtained a Dewgong BK plush! I actually bought it MIP but opened it so I could actually display it. That's probably painful for some people to read lol. It likes being free!

I haven't really found a good place for my Spheal line flats yet so they just chill out on the wall here. The Sealeo vs Kecleon VS card is so lazy. "Hmm let's make a card for Sealeo vs Kelceon! We'll just draw him in his stock pose and stick Kecleon under him! Oh, and give him angry eyes! Yeah that will make it different enough, right?"

Last but not least is my shelf of random figures. I bought the Espeon and Vaporeon minidolls because they're my two favorite Eeveelus. I've always wanted them as regular dolls so I was so happy to find out they made mini versions!

That's all for updates for now! Next time you can plan on seeing three new Pokedolls (I wonder who I could possibly mean???).

I have one quick want - the Burger King Seel plush! It's the last Seel line plush I need! If anyone has one for sale please let me know. This guy here:

Thanks all and have a wonderful New Year! :)
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