furrettails (furrettails) wrote in pkmncollectors,

few questions?

sorry for this going to be boring post but ive had a few questions on the mind.

one of them regarding the massive amount of new bootleg plush that seem to be being made. i see so many people asking about if their plush is a bootleg plush or if a certain pokemon ever had bootleg plush made of it. well it made me think. if i could figure out how to use flikr would anyone be willing to help me create a gallery for showing what bootleg pokemon were made so they know which ones were made and what they look like so they can avoid them, (assuming they dont purchase bootlegs.) would anyone have any name ideas? only thing i can come up with is bootlegpokeplush....
*if this question is against the rules i apologize D: i wasn't sure if it was or not ;3;

secondly does anyone know how expensive or rare the lottery zoroark figures are? shiny and non shiny. i want to nab them in the future but no clue what price i should be saving up for

thirdly, does anyone have a kutakuta sentret beanie *i'd love if it had it's tag but itd be fine if it didnt too!,* i prefer that he wouldnt have any stains on him though! :X

and last question, is there anyone in the US who does repaints for shiny kids or even for a furret car? i have a few items id like to get repainted but was hoping itd be close so shipping isnt too bad ^^;

also there was a ga i was bidding on for a sentret grabby i thought i had bookmarked i but i guess i didn't ;3; does anyone have the link?

and to sort of make this post not so boring.... heres an adorable picture of keita and a mightyena that my friend mysticsabreonic made me for xmas <3

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