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5 years later, my figure collection update. Plus a little sales.

Happy New Year everyone!  Hope you all had a great holiday / winter vacation / Christmas break.
For those who got my holiday card, I hope they arrived safely & on time :D

Just like most of you, I also have some gets during the holidays!  so I decided to do a collection update!  
I feel so naked when I show people my collection LOL, like, here's what I've been doing and you can see everything I've collected (plus the money and time I spent on these). Or is it just me feel this way? XD

Anyways, about 5 years ago, back in 2007, I joined this wonderful community.  I had a very small figure collection back in the days...and wasn't sure where I was going with these, or what to do with them.

Then I got into a small hobby called Toy Photography (I made that name up, but probably is a real, legit hobby) and made me want to get more pokemon figures. 
I really have to thank many of the members here, without you, I will never get to where I am right now.
Lots of photosCollapse )

Quick note, I added some new items in my art store Pikachi Double!
new button sets and bookmarks are available now :)
please come check it out!

Small salesCollapse )
Tags: collection, eevee, figures, meowth, sales, squirtle
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