mewisme700 (mewisme700) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Custom Poster Sales post!

Hello everybody!

My father owns a poster printer that can print on canvas and on normal paper. Today I am offering slots for the first 4 people to comment just to see if they'll sell (I plan to sell them in unlimited qualitys in the future). If this type of selling isn't allowed lemme know~

I will be selling these for $30 shipped per poster printed onto canvas paper. You may pick your own image that has high quality or email me an image of something Pokemon (if you'd like to purchase a poster not pokemon, I will add a post on my journal). The picture below is a picture of my collection when it was getting started. You can see my Pokemon Yellow edition poster on the wall printed on cavas. If you have any questions just ask! Thanks!

I was granted sales permission by rachelledon 9/3/12

And as usual looking for a Natu/Xatu zukan too. Can do a trade for a poster as well :)

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