vepsmin (vepsmin) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sticker Sales adds + eBay auction + Item identification w sales interests

Hello fellow collectors~ It's been a while since I properly showed up in this place.
Today I found some interesting things while cleaning up which means that a have a bunch of stickers to add my sales, plus I need your help identifying a couple of items.

* Sales permission granted 03/02/11 by dakajojo

And despite the bad timing, thanks to all the Eeveelution maddness Pokemon Center and Banpresto are giving us, I put an Eevee custom plush by me up for grabs on eBay. Please go see it. 

Sneakpeek of Eevee. More info + auction link under the cut ;3

Lookie what I found while cleaning 8D

Sneakpeek of sticker adds

More cool stuff & Info here~Collapse )
That's all for now. Happy new year, by the way =D
Tags: auction, custom, eevee, plush, sales
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