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Sooo. Things recently just came in the mail in the last week or so, and I don't know. I'm like, crying with happiness. XD Half the stuff I got is for my husband.

Well, let's just go straight to the pictures. C:
(Sorry for not so much detailed pictures, I was hurrying cause I was excited. XD

Made by the user mousealchemist (don't know how to link to her.. D: ) - she did an AMAZING job! His fur is so friggin soft. He was a gift to my husband. :D Who is now cuddling with him in bed while I post this. XD Lou does come up to my knee, or higher. He's so big. XD I love him to death! Thank you, girl! <3

Phanpy, and my hubby's Venausaur and Chansey! He's yet to name them. >w< LOOK AT VENA'S CUTE DERP FACIAL EXRESSION.

Anyways, that's all. <3

Oh. Stupid sales plug here. XD
To da saaaales we go~

Tags: custom, plush, sales
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