eevee_trainer (eevee_trainer) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Christmas Gets and A Sales Preview of DX Proportions

Hello, I hope everyone had a great holiday!
There's lots of great items coming out these days, I'm so excited for the Substitute Plush!
I'm also preparing a sales post with 2 (possibly 3) DX pokedolls.
I'm also looking for info on a Lucario Plush I just got.
Come have a look!
But you cut me down, you cut me downCollapse )
Tags: archen, archeops, beheeyem, breloom, bulbasaur, charmander, chimchar, electrike, elgyem, golett, golurk, herdier, jirachi, lillipup, lucario, manectric, maractus, plush, pokedolls, raichu, shroomish, slowpoke, squirtle, stoutland
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