abbeymew (abbeymew) wrote in pkmncollectors,

HQ eevee GA Final Payment

Hi guys, the box came today and joltex as already got all the postage fees worked out. just a few things should be noticed first. 

  • Postage is from UK so outside of the UK is a minimum of $5.50
  • Those who needed a large packet had $0.80 added on to pay for the packet
  • Those who needed a smaller packet had $0.60 added on to pay for the packet
  • Please make sure payment is marked as Goods with your username and what you won in the description and title
  • Send money to
  • mark yourself as paid when you have sent the money
  • finally derpncheez have sent you a message about your payment.
The spreadsheet can be found here

Please make sure to leave feedback when you receive your item(s). if you would like feedback left please ask for it in the comments box :)
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