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Kyurems and stuff!

Wanted to hope that everyone had a great holiday season c: Mine were spectacular!
I ended up going to NYC for a bit, and ofcourse, did the typical PKMN thing to do and GO TO THE NYC CENTER AAFHHFHA!SDFAKSLDF

I really wanted to grab all of the White Kyurem dolls, but they were a little out of my pricerange....but I couldn't help myself from grabbing all of these adorable cuties for a PHOTO OP: PKMNCOLLECTORS STYLE
I ended up getting one of those neat hyper sized tomys, which is actually incredibly detailed..... wish they had more normal Kyurem merch though.
ALSO IN LINE; there was a child in front of me and his parents asked him to go get another Pokedoll, so he leaves and comes back with... TERRAKION!? I didn't see it when I was looking, so my friend and I combed the entire store before concluding that the kid took the last Terrakion doll :/ Oh well. Still happy with my figure!

(Also, on a side note; any French speakers out there?
I'm a bit of a grammer freak, and people using the term 'Mansion' to describe the 'La Maison du Eevee' strikes me as awkward, haha. Maison just translates to 'house', not necessarily mansion (though the Eevee house is pretty big!). But it looks like its definately meant to resemble one of those cut houses found in a textbook when learning a new language.
Just wanted to inform the community I guess! Maison just means house, lol).
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