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Custom Snorkeling Eevee In-A-Jar Auction

Hi community~
The other night my friend gave me an awesome idea for some customs!

Snorkeling Eevee!
Since I have no need for this, I decided to put it for auction!
Sales Permission granted b entirelycliched n 4/2/12
Eevee starts at $7
The jar is made of glass, so shipping will be high.
Auction ends on January 8th at 4PM Arizona Time.
Only US Bidders. I'm afraid of this being damaged if it goes over seas.
Eevee will be shipped in a small box with lots of protection.
I am not responsibl if Eevee or the jar is damaged while being shipped.
Eevee is made from Crayola Model Magic and are glossed with nail polish.
Eevee is not removeable, so please do not remove if you win it.
Eevee was made in Pokedoll/ Chibi Style.
Commission Feedback can be seen here

More angles:

(Click on the images to see them bigger)

Link to Auction Countdown:
Good luck!

And, if people like these, I might do more In-A-Jar scenes
Tags: auction, custom, eevee
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