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A VERY Late Annual Collection Update + Re-Intro!

Hello everyone! After all the Holiday lethargia, I've finally got some free time from commissions and decided to get off of my butt to do a well overdue Collection Update and Re-intro!

Say hello to my mascot, Takkun the Sneasel!


I guess I'll start off by re-introducing myself! ☆ ☆☆

For those who don't know me, I'm ♔ LucklessPrince ♔ your friendly neighborhood Sneasel/Weavile Pokemon Collector! My Real name is Mei/ Kat [English] but feel free to call me by Luckless/Prince or however you'd like as long as I know that you are referring to me! xD

I am mostly known around the comm for collecting Sneasel and Weavile, but I am starting to branch out little by little to other Pokemon! Like ☆ Purrloin and Liepard! ☆ <3 I love me some Dark cats! ♥ >XD

I grew up with Pokemon as a child so I have always had a deep love for the adorable monsters; However, I did not begin collecting merchandise until sometime in the Spring of 2010!  I remember how I thought that I had owned everything, but imagine my surprise when a few photos turned up on google of figures I had never even seen before! Needless to say, those photos led back to PKMNCollectors time and time again!  After months of lurking, sometime during the February of 2011 I finally gathered up my courage and sent a request to join.

I was approved and I posted an introduction back in 04 February 2011 with a photo of a rather miniscule collection

This is the oldest picture I could find of my collection, from April 1st of 2011. This was after I had joined the comm, so I had purchased a few things from fellow members.  You will have to use some imagination to help me out! XD

Every item underneath a Sneasel  was purchased from the comm after I joined. If you take out all of the items that are covered, the result you end up with is my sneasel/weavile starter collection. Very TEENY!!!!!

A year and 11 months later.....
My collection has GROWN!  It took me awhile to get everything straightened out because CERTAIN FIGURES KEPT FALLING OVER which would create a domino effect that made a dozen other figures fall over.  I am sure that I sprouted at least 3 new white hairs on my head from just trying to arrange out my featherbutt figures and attempting to keep them from faceplanting! D'X  Just thinking about it makes me FFFFFFTTTT
Ref Feathers EVERYWHERE! (*^0^*)

Check out all the Featherbutt Goodness! (*´▽`*)

This was my very second Holy Grail get, and the shining achievement of PKMNcollecting for me for 2011! I never thought that I would ever get this stamp and have been after it since I first joined and discovered it existed.....But it goes to show that you should never give up because dreams do come true in our world of Pokemon collection! (^v^)

Did you think that was all...? XD But you haven't seen my ☆ Flats Collection yet ~ ☆! ヽ(゜∀゜)

Ta-dah~ Sneasel_la_by_GoldFlareonFLATS PARTY AT MY HOUSE! [Ignore random hole on desktop for cables zzzz]  Dear god this took FOREVER to arrange XD

I <3 My Sneasel Flats and am always on the hunt for more~

Weavile has far too many Flats due to the M08! X'D

Are you sick of my flats yet? XD

A big thanks to the sweet aleyina who sent me the Weavile VS Pikachu and Weavile VS Medicham card as a surprise Christmas gift! I really love them and am working on getting your pic done! <3333 ;v;

As for a few items that didn't make the photos:

My Sneasel PokemonTime shirt!  This shirt is definitely one of my favorite pieces of merchandise from my collection <3 I owe my friend a lot for getting me this from the PokeCen back in '10! X'D
Pokemon Time Tumbler! A big thanks to joltzapvire for hooking me up! I never thought I would ever get one of these X'D

Annnnd last but not least, my Pokemon Time Clearfile!
That's right! I finally got one! XD Now I only need the tin and my Pokemon Time Sneasel set will be complete! ;w;

I also have a collection website now! You can find single images of certain items of my Sneasel/Weavile pack as well as descriptions/ info!
[Click the Image to be teleported without the need of an abra!]

Feel free to drop me any feedback or let me know if you'd like to trade links! ^_^

That's it for now! Thank you so much for reading! I'd like to thank the community for always being so friendly and helpful! Thank you for everyone's kindness and for helping me expand my collection so much! I've made so many friends and fond memories here!

Here's to another year of collecting! May our new year be filled with exciting new discoveries, new friends, and new gets! ☆☆☆
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