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Re-Introduction and Wants!

OMG I have missed soooo very much over the past year or two...I seriously need to catch up. Black & White 2 has rekindled my need to collect and drown myself in Pokemon again.

Let me re-introduce myself...

Hello Collectors! Most of you probably don't remember me as I'm mainly a lurker, but my name is Kay or SteelFangs. I'm a serious collector of Ginga Densetsu Weed, Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, and other works by Yoshihiro Takahashi but I also have a few minor collections on the side. My biggest 'minor' collection (contradiction!) is of course Pokemon! Like many of you I started my love of Pokemon as a kid. I had an obsession with it after watching a few English episodes and getting a gameboy color, Pokemon Yellow, and a yellow Pikachu gameboy holder for Christmas years ago and to this day my love for the series is still burning strong.

The last time I was active was when Black & White came out and I've been pretty quiet since then. I did end up selling most of my collection but I am regretting it so much as I had a very nice Growlithe/Arcanine collection going and already had a few nice finds for other Pokemon I wanted to collect merch of but life happened. Now, I'm back, but as a casual collector with a less serious mentality that will match my budget.

My favorite Pokemon & Wants! :)

Anywho, my favorite Pokemon/Ones I am collecting are:



And now, my wants.
The new Pokemon Time merchandise is just...I need those growlithes. I have already gotten ahold of these growlithe/arcanine items: Retired Charm Set, New Charm set, Pokemon Time Growlithe Plush w/ tag, Pokemon Time Growlithe Deck Sleeves, Growlithe canvas Plush w/tag.

So I need ANYTHING besides the items listed above. um. Since I'm so picky these MUST be mint with tag, in package, nothing missing, all original items/parts, etc. But that also means I am very much willing to pay extra/be patient because of this. And of course I'll make exceptions like a tin w/out package since they were blind packs.

I need Growlithe/Arcanine:
- Pokemon Time Folder
- Pokemon Time Tin
- Pokemon Time Keychain
- 151 Badge of both
- Zukan
- any figures
- any kids (very much prefer the box & stickers too)
- Arcanine Banpresto Plush

Along with the fire pups I also adore Raikou, Zorua, and Ampharos (and pre-evolutions). So, I'm after some things of them too. The main things I want are actually listed but I'm willing to look into anything of these guys.

- Japanese Pokedoll
- Shiny Pokedoll (grail)
- New Charm
- kids
- Regular and Shiny Zukan
- And anything else but cards (other plush, figures, stickers, stamps, etc)

- Japanese Pokedoll
- Zukan
- Charm set
- Any other plush
- And anything else but cards (figures, stickers, stamps, etc)

- Canvas Plush
- Banpresto Plush
- Zukan
- Charms
- Kids
- And anything else of this line but cards (other plush, figures, stickers, stamps, etc)

I hope to settle in and become more active in the future like I used to be. I know everyone loves pictures of collections so I'll post one next time when I get packages in and actually have something to take a picture of. Until then here's a picture of my US Raikou Pokedoll, Rugger, chillin on Reshiram's tail at the Black & White tour in Indy two years ago.

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