Kristen (xcuddleofdeathx) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Plush Stairs GA Final Update/Shipping (Shipping costs ARE IN!)

Okay, so finally I'm able to make this post, after exchanging a few messages back and forth with a mod, things are all ready to go.
I am posting this as the final update for the Plush Stairs GA so that any concerns can be addressed here :D.

I will be updating this post with the final shipping of everyone today (can't weigh things right now, parents are sleeping).
But, I will also be messaging the participants to alert them as soon as this post has been updated with their final totals.
I will be keeping the receipt from the post office and all for proof of shipment. I know that some of you may want delivery confirmation (US only) and insurance.

If you do want delivery confirmation, please leave a comment down below (It'll add .75 + PP fee to the shipment), and if you'd like your plushies to have insurance, 
feel free to let me know how much insurance you want to add onto your shipment.

Don't be afraid to ask for a quote as well. 

But for now, this post serves as the final update. Once the sun is up here/parents are up, I will be weighing/calculating everything and updating this post.

Thank you all for your extreme patience and understanding, and if for some reason you won't be able to pay the requested amount before the USPS shipping costs go up on January 27th, let me know! As we will be able to work something out. I am so happy to finally get your items all shipped out for you, and I hope that you enjoy them. There were very few plushies that had 'damage' of some sort on them, but the tags that came on some of them were creased since they all came in a huge box/bag.

Anyways, I am looking forward to updating this post today/tonight with your final shipping totals. Thanks once again for participating, and apologies once again for the delays. :3

Send all payments to
Put the subject line as "Plush Stairs Payment 3 - Username"
Include the items you bought in the memo.
Please post below when you have sent your payment
Make sure to send payment as "Goods" - not as a gift

AnimeCatMew - $2.19
Shuuichi_Chan - $2.19 Paid
SleepySlowpoke - $6.83 Paid
Colocho_Robotto - $13.25 Paid
Miniokami - $2.02 Paid
Bandanna_Boy_17 - $2.72 Paid
Melissar1 - $2.55  - Paid
ScarsofSunlight - $2.55 Paid
Lady_Avii - $2.19 Paid
JuJuFox (DC Added) - $3.14 Paid
Dialny - $7.14 Paid
Fiztheancient - $2.02 Paid
Vaporeon99/Chaos21 (Combined) $6.30 after PP fees and taking off the $3.91 from Vaporeon99's payment from Eeveelu Canvas GA Paid
InverseFun - $2.37 Paid
Sigiblue - $2.02 Paid
ana_kfp - $8.28 / $34.10 with trackin Paid
Basketbears - $6.33 Paid
Aurora669 - $2.02 Paid
At_The_Porno - $2.72 without Delivery Confirmation / $3.50 with delivery confirmation (for tracking) Paid
xxlatiosxx - $13.63 Paid
Mitichen (DC Added) - $2.97 Paid
TayTayChann - $2.37 Paid
Tryndamere (DC Added) - $6.10 Paid
Lugidog - $3.42 Paid

Feel free to ask for Delivery Confirmation (US) only or quotes for international tracking (Warning: It's expensive x_x)
Tags: group auction
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