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Giant January Sales!

Firstly, I am going to pay for the Soft Steps GA postage today. The last few payments are in. Paid!
However, phewmonster if you do not pay me in the next 24hrs I am going to contact a moderator. I can't PM you, so please consider this your notice.

Now, time for sales! Everything is knocked-down to try and clear out my wardrobe. I want to use it for clothes, people! ;) Not some pseudo Pokemon sanctuary.
  • I received sales permission from dakajojo in June 2011
  • My Feedback is here!

Sales rules:
  • - I ship from the UK - a non smoking household. Parcels go out the same day if paid before lunchtime.
  • - Postage for 3D items to Europe starts at $3.50 - Postage for 3D Items outside Europe (USA, Canada, Bazil, Australia) starts at $5.00
  • - Flats can go for much less.
  • - Asking for discounts on multiple items is OK - but bear in mind postage costs.
  • - Quotes do not count as "holds". If you 100% want to buy something regardless of the postage cost, say so!
  • - No "holds" unless I have bought/sold with you before, or you are bidding on an auction.
Sales info:
  • Please examine the pictures - clicking on them will bring up a bigger version. Questions are welcome but I am not able to rephotograph things.
  • All items are nice and clean unless stated otherwise.
  • Prices do not include postage unless mentioned in the price.

Nov pics 6b


Raikou Pokedoll MWT - $25 including postage
Nov pics 6b
Nov pics 6

Umbreon Pokedoll - Unknown Origin - $5
I got this in a group lot a few years back, so I don't know if it's legit or not. My confusion is your bargain!
Colours are brighter in person, and stitching looks okay. Doesn't faceplant.
SOLD to eevee_love

Pichu and Wynaut Strap - $10
Plush are about 2 inches tall and Wynaut has velcro on his ears to grip the little apple. Speaking of ears, pichu has two, but one is curved under him in the picture.

Hasbro Meowth Beanie - $2 - Clean

Hasbro Charizard beanie - $2 - Clean

Tomy "Black & White" Pikachu - mint but tush tag only - $5

Banpresto Pikachu - MWT - Offers around $10 - Weighted butt, so very heavy!

Play by Play Psyduck - $2 - Clean

Play by Play 9" Mewtwo - $5 - Clean On hold for sarynplasmagale

It's actually my Mum who does the photos of the plush, then emails them to me. I don't know why this was included, but it made me smile. Sultry lemur, anyone? :-* Mwah!

Reverse to Pokeball Gengar - Offers around $5
No damage, see pics for condition. Pokeball button is complete, circle printed in the centre is cream for some reason.

TINY Banpresto Buneary - $7
Hangs with her tiny feet (complete with pink printed pads) thrown up in the air behind her. Clean and like new, from my personal bun collection.

Jakks Buneary - $4 or best offer
Clean and new from my personal bun collection.

Burger King Eevee - $10 or best offer
Like new, from my personal collection. Kept getting knocked off her perch, so time to find a new home. No fraying, ears have not separated.
On hold for aleyina

Jakks Plusle and Minun - $12 posted anywhere for the pair.
Clean and from my personal collection, they just don't fit in with all the non-bipedal plusles and minuns.


Mew lot - TOMY / BK Figure / Jakks - $12 shipped anywhere

Shinx lot - $15 mailed anywhere
Carded Kid / Jakks Plush / Jakks Figure - $2 each

Clockwork Shinx  - $5

Vulpix Lot - $15 - Sold

Team Rocket Lot - Two Human Kids / Set of Clips / Peru Cereal Figures / Paper wrapped eraser
Breaks my heart to get rid of these, but I can't keep every side collection I start.

Groudon Lot - $20 - Will only split if you find someone to split with you.
Buildable Gachapon / Gachapon Zukan Style / Attack Kid / Normal Kid / Chou Get / Mighty Beanz / Roaring Kid

Stampers - $1.50 each

Charizard Action toy (wings flap, jaw opens when you move the tail) - $5
Skymin DX Kid - $3
Audino attack kid with card and box - $4
Pencils x 3 for $1.50
Everything else $1.50

Keyrings - $2 Each

Sold: Bulbasaur

Pika Pika - Two dolla


Dex Charm Suicune MIP - $10
All other Dex Charms - $5 each
Sold: Farfetch'd

2012 Pokebox Jolteon - $10
Ponies for sale in non-pokemon personal journal post >> here


Legendary Dog Tags - $4 each or all three for $10
Everything else $1 each (psyduck is a pair for $1)
Sharpedo on hold for lulupin

Double sided promotional movie card - $4
This is 7 inches by 10 inches. There are two small creases in the very top, shown in the picture - just above Gira's head.
On hold for rax

Battrio $5 each

Ash Settei (A4 and clearer in person, we scanned them badly) - $5.00

Ash and Pikachu Settei (A4 and clearer in person, we scanned them badly) - $5.00 On hold for ohhellokasey

Sticker lot - $2 for all

Zukans and Gacha:

2 x Buneary and Lopunny at $3.20 each
4 x Budew, Roselia and Roserade at $3.20 each

1 x Regice Zukan Style Gachapon at $5.00
1 x Articuno Zukan Style Gachapon at $5.00

Capsule DS Stylus - MIP
Dialga / Infernape / Giratina - $2 each


Picture 1
Raichu - $4 each
- There are 3 different editions of Raichu in this picture. Please be specific.
Everything else $3 each
Sold: Running raichu

Picture 2: $2 each


Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7
Sharpedo on hold for lulupin

Picture 8:

And lastly this tiny guy is up for offers starting at $1.00, in raises of 50 cents. Ends Sunday 7pm GMT.
Mainly because last time I showed him he had a lot of requests. I'd like everyone to have a fair shot at getting him.
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