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Umbreon Pokedoll Comparison!

Hello Pokemon collectors! ^.^

Today I bring you a comparison between the Japanese Umbreon Pokedoll and American Umbreon Pokedoll, since I've noticed quite a few differences that aren't as apparent with Pokedolls of other Pokemon and found it quite interesting. I hope to show you some details that you also have spotted, and maybe some that you haven't.

umbreon comparison

More specifically, I'll be comparing the Japanese 2008 Umbreon Pokedoll release ((minky fabric) mine wears a pink ribbon so you can tell them apart on the photos) and the American 2010 Umbreon Pokedoll release (velboa fabric) - it might also be relevant to point out that these are both legit. Straight away the fabric tells you about how soft the plush is, which some collectors are picky about (I know that I wanted the Japanese one just because of the softness!), but there are a few more changes than just that...


First of all, I think one of the most noticeable differences involves the eyes. See how far apart they are in comparison? The Japanese release's are 1.5cm apart, whereas the American's are 1cm apart, in addition; the American's pupils are slightly larger. That may not seem like much of a difference at the thought, but it has an obvious affect on how each plush looks. ;3;


Next are the ears - here you can see that the Japanese release's ears (left) are slightly more pointed and have lighter coloured rings than the American's (right), and the American's rings seem to hold the ears quite tighly, making them buldge around the rings a little.

Ears up

It's also evident that the American's ears stand moderately more sentinel than the Japanese's, which gives Umbreon more of an alert look. The rings on the head/body are very slightly darker or more golden on the Japanese release than the American one, but this doesn't show up well on my camera at all.


Another easy thing to pick up on is the fact that the American Umbreon likes to faceplant... ;-;
I find it particularly difficult to get to sit up in any position, whereas the Japanese Umbreon sits quite happily and easily. This appears to be something to do with the way the feet are positioned.


I wanted to point out their chins too, the American's is more prominent than the Japanese's; which helps to distinguish the head from the body well but maybe makes it a little more top-heavy (which doesn't help the faceplanting issue).

Tails up

In contrast to the ears, the Japanese Umbreon's tail is more upright than the American's, which could be part of the sitting up problem: the Amcerian Umbreon's tail points stright away from its body but the Japanese one's is at a slight angle which aids it to balance.


Lastly, here is a picture of their tush tags: both positioned identically. Their hang tags are very different and serve as the main indication (at a glance) of which country the Umbreon Pokedoll has its origin.

In my opion, the Japanese Umbreon Pokedoll is the best quality and holds the most cuteness, thus is my favourite. I generally prefer all my Pokedolls to be the Japanese release if possible because of the fabric, do you feel the same way? If you read all of that, thank you and let me know what you think! If you just took a look at the pictures, still let me know what you think! Have you seen any instances where all of one release of Pokedoll are significantly different from another? ;o;

In other news; Pokemon X and Y! Nrrrrh, Fennekin is too adorable. I'll probably be getting Pokemon Y - which version will be your choice?

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