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New and leftover sales plus auctions

I am trying to clear out my sales from my last post, and, in addition, I have added some new things.


The auctions I've got are for the talking figures of Victini, Pikachu, and Oshawott pictured in the bottom right corner.


These large talking figures are mint in their boxes and have not been opened.
I don't know much about them besides that they talk.
7 inch tall Victini starts at $10
5 inch tall Oshawott starts at $5
5.5 inch tall Pikachu starts at $5

The auctions will end on Friday, January 18th at 11:00 PM Central Time

The auctions are over!


Granted sales permission on 22 April 2012 by entirelycliched
My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/poke_zula/

~When sending a payment, please write your username and what you are buying in the paypal note!

~If you ask for me to hold something for you for more than 48 hours, then you HAVE TO BUY IT. No exceptions.
  -I mean, it can be like 49-ish hours or whatever, but you get my point. ;)

~I ship from the United States, in the Central Time Zone.

~All things here are in USD, and the prices do not include shipping.

~I ship internationally, but the shipping will be more

~I ship every day except for Sundays and Holidays that cause the post office to be closed

~MIP = mint condition in package, MWT = mint condition with tags

~OBO = or best offer


I tried to make this list "control + f" friendly (EXCEPT WITH CARDS), but, please keep in mind, there might be typos!
Also, feel free to ask for more pictures of things, especially of the Canvas plush.

Bootie Vaporeon -- $15

MIP Sunflora TOMY figure -- $10
MIP Snubbull TOMY figure -- $10
(these can be taken out of their boxes to reduce shipping a little)

Japanese Bisharp Pokedoll -- $20 (the plush is mint; hang tag has an nick in it, as pictured below)
MWT Japanese Minccino Pokemon Center plush --$15

Bisharp's tag damage:

Each MIP kid is $4
Deoxys kid
Squirtle kid
Registeel kid
Metagross, Kangaskhan, Bagon

Each tiny marble is $.80
Igglybuff SOLD

Swellow hitting Seedot paper -- $.10
Crawdaunt sticker -- $.50
Pikachu pog in top right corner -- $.10 SOLD
Hitmonlee pog -- $.10 SOLD
Pikachu with eyes closed pog -- $.10 SOLD
Primape pog -- $.10 SOLD
Butterfree pog -- $.10 SOLD
Pikachu standing up pog -- $.10 SOLD
Hitmonchan pog -- $.10 SOLD
Mankey pog -- $.10 SOLD

Custom Piplup keychain -- $1 OBO
Custom Oshawott keychain -- $1 OBO SOLD
Custom Tepig keychian -- $1 OBO

MIP Pachirisu figure -- $.50

Pokedex bases -- $.10 each

Staryu and Starmie 2009 Johto dex charm set MIP -- $20, or $12 for each charm
Pikachu charm from the year 2000 MIP -- $5 OBO
Meowth keychain -- $.50 SOLD
Double-sided Slowking charm -- $5 SOLD

Mint condition Vaporeon Canvas -- $220
Hang tag is curved

MWT Espeon Canvas -- $155

Talking Snivy keychain plush, unopened in box -- $21
Talking Tepig keychain plush, unopened in box -- $21
Talking Oshawott keychain plush, unopened in box -- $21

2010 Pikachu Canvas plush -- $30 (plush is mint, no hang tag)
MWT Drilbur Jakks plush -- $8

Tags: abra, arceus, auction, cacnea, canvas, cards, cascoon, charizard, charmander, charms, chimchar, clefairy, combusken, crawdaunt, croagunk, custom, deoxys, dialga, eevee, espeon, figures, geodude, glaceon, gligar, golem, groudon, heracross, jakks, jirachi, jolteon, kids, kyogre, leafeon, lucario, mamoswine, mankey, medicham, meowth, mew, minccino, munchlax, murkrow, oshawott, palkia, plush, poliwag, poliwhirl, psyduck, rhyhorn, rhyperior, sales, shaymin, snivy, snorlax, snubbull, squirtle, stamps, starly, starmie, staryu, tepig, togepi, tomy, toy factory, treecko, turtwig, vaporeon, vulpix, zukan
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