Omega Tsuki (o0vailo0o) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Omega Tsuki

Mascots Waitlist, and Shipping Costs update

Okay so I wanted to do a collection post and make this the sidenote at the bottom instead, but I'm realizing if I keep waiting for everything to show up, it'll never happen in time.
So, here we go.

Since Movic suddenly restocked a few days ago, and Animate's not turning up any errors when I stack a cart full of them, let's try to fulfill Boxes 9 and 10, as well as the waitlist~

To keep things organized, claims will still be made on the original reservations page.
( It's all behind the fake cut~ )

We've seen the new shipping changes with the prices in the US and the process in the UK, but I don't believe we've had a post go in-depth about Canada yet!

Under the real cut~Collapse )

This time I really have no idea how to tag this.
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