bluehyaku (bluehyaku) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Tohoku plush set Group Buy

Presenting a Group Buy of the Pokemon Center Tohoku plush set! The auction ends in less than a day so the sooner I can get claims the better.

All the plush were claimed and the lot was BIN'd.


Sales permission granted on 04/07/2011 by dakajojo.
Old Rep page is here
New rep page is here

I'll be using FromJapan for this Group Buy.
Each plush will be an estimated $17-18 for the first payment (auction price+fees+shipping to deputy service). There will be one more payment which covers shipping to me and shipping to you.
First come, first served.

Victini - bluehyaku
Pikachu - jadekitty777
Snivy - rgmusashi

Second picture under the cutCollapse )
Tags: group buy, pikachu, plush, snivy, victini
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