ShoelaceKid (quackamajackers) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Last Jakks GA Reminder-- WON!

Just a reminder for this GA!
Click here or the image to get to the GA!

The GA would be ending in one hour from this post, but I've posted the reminder too late! I'll extend the end time by 3 hours.
The GA now ends at 3 PM EST.

The group auction has ended and we won! I'm editing this post so I don't clutter up the comm! All winners will be PM'd with a link here.

Discounts for everyone!

  • Spreadsheet is here!
  • Please send payments to, with Jakks GA + Plush won in the header
  • I'm covering shipping! My Pansear ended up being the lowest bid, and ever lower with the discounts. So, I'm covering it :D
  • Please pay as soon as you can!
Tags: group auction
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