larvitarscar (larvitarscar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

december waza museum figures payment due!

Hey everybody!

For the participants in the bulk buy for the December Waza Museum Figures, the items have arrived and payment is now due! Please check your inboxes for a PM with payment instructions. =D I still have Scraggy, Garbodor and Timburr extras, for anybody who is interested do let me know! They would be $23 shipped in an envelope with flattened packaging or a few dollars more for shipping in a box.

And of course, the obligatory adoration shots of these beautiful figures! I'm kinda sad they appear to have discontinued the series (a Sewaddle prototype for Vol. 005 was displayed in a hobby fair along with Gothita and Mandibuzz I think, but they are nowhere to be found in this year's Banpresto release schedule), as they are really beautiful figures with amazing detail. =(

"Oooh I hit the ground in such a strong and manly fashion, I unearthed a geyser"

"How can I act badass with all these wires tangling up around me"


"I'm juggling rocks with swag cuz I'm always the most popular"

Thank you and have a great week ahead!
Tags: garbodor, hydreigon, scraggy, timburr
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