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Gets Wave One! & Customishies

Hullo Guys!

I bring you my first wave of new gets!
I have tonnes of exciting stuff on the way and can't wait to do a super haul when it's all arrived teehee! But for now, see under the cut for my latest bits!

Battle Subway Poster
I narrowly missed this on the comm and was so sad! But then I found it on ebay and its perfect condition. My wall is going to look beautiful :3

Banpresto Zebstrika
My Christmas present get from my best friend! Zebstrika is my perfect partner and my all time favourite pokemon. Does anyone else share my love of this perfect thunder zebra? ^_^ (he's trying to look grrrr like White Kyurem!)
Zebstrika wants to be Scary

Custom Chibi Gary Oak Keychain
Isn't he adorable *_____*
I couldn't believe it! I went to the next town over to the closest specialist repair shop when my laptop had a tantrum, which meant wandering around a little bit while waiting and I just happened to glance down and spot a pokeball on one of the machines :O I couldn't believe it! I didn't have much on me or i'd probably have got way more, but lowe and behold A MASTERBALL! On my first go!? And look who was inside! Eeep! (He's a little bent up, such a cutie :'( )
MasterballZekrom Eraser</a>
I'm going to try and turn the ball into a keychain :3 (Clicky for the insert)
Happy happy happy :)

And second of all...
I know how many of you are, like me frustrated, with the lack of trainer merch.
Well I took it into my own hands... (It took me forever to figure out what to do with these...)

Tada! I only printed a few of these just to test them out for size because I thought i'd made them all and got my dimensions wrong. :3 I love the dot sprite style *swoon* I'm going to make them into stickers for sure!


I'm trying to figure out what else to do with these so if you have any other suggestions for me let me know :p Currently looking at trying to turn them into, keyrings or canvas's... But it's looking a bit expensive :(

I'm thinking of opening these up for commission (I have sales permission!), so if you'd be interested, throw out some names of people or pokemon you would be interested in! I'm slowly working through trying to do a big selection! But for now, have some close ups and my list i've got ready!

2013-01-16 17.09.07

There will be two different poses for a few people; Colress, Cheren, Bianca and N off the top of my head! :3
Hugh, Subway Bosses, Elesa(Both outfits), Nurse, Benga, The Striation City Gym Leaders, and Grimsley will be available aswell, as those are my favourites of the sprites! :p

Who should I tackle next? :3 I'm thinking Skyla! Any suggestions hehe. :)
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