"Kaela" (pokabubu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Real quick question about "Plushie Nets" / collection display

 I used to be more into shelf collectibles, but lately I have acquired a love for big plushies. But they always end up on my bed... and then I cuddle with them... and then they get damaged... and then I get upset. Right now I have them on my shelves, but for christmas my boyfriend got me a framed picture of us- and there is absolutely no room on my shelf for it. xD

I am leaving to go to the bank and I would like to stop by Target and get one of those "nets" that people use to hold their plush collections. Does anybody know what they are called? (I would like to avoid using the phrase "plushie nets" xD) Or does anybody know where I can get them?

(imagine a picture of a poorly oragnized Tepig/Charmander collection inserted here)
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