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Umbreon pokedoll figure/custom slot auction :)

Hello everyone, I hope youre having a wonderful morning/day/evening :D
I have not been very active with sculpting clay stuff lately, but ive managed to make an umbreon pokedoll figure, and also thought I'd open up a custom (pokedoll) figure slot for auction :3

Sneek peek!

Ok so, firstly, rules and such :)
deoxys-speed_hgss_overworld_front2I ship from sweden.
deoxys-attack_hgss_overworld_frontI only accept paypal payments.
deoxys-defense_hgss_overworld_front2I was granted sales permission by Dakajojo in 2011.
deoxys_hgss_overworld_frontCommunity rules apply.


Auction ends:

Jan 23, 00:00. Stockholm time, in about 6 days!


Umbreon: front, back, side, side.
Umbreon is approx 5cm/2in in height.
He is made from various coloured sculpey clay, and took approx one hour to make in total.
He is one of my favourites that I've done :3<3

Umbreon starts at $15, which INCLUDES SHIPPING/MATERIALS.
Instead of separate shipping, cause shipping is the same anywhere :) (approx $6)


Next up, im offering a custom pokedoll sculpture/figure slot :)

Examples:  (wooden background ones are way old :D)

The custom slot starts at $15, also including SHIPPING/MATERIALS! (approx $6)
Will be approx the same size as umbreon :)

All examples

I hope I get some interest! :D Thats all, and I will gladly answer any questions you have! <3
And please, if youre thinking about winning and want to get a rather complex pokemon, please check with me first! I wont be able to do ALL pokemon :O
And I wont remake figures! Only if you want the other colour variation :)

Happy bidding!!!! :D<333

Tags: auction, figures, umbreon
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