eeveevulpix2000 (eeveevulpix2000) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hey guys! Wanna Talk? ;D

Hey everyone! How ya doing? Well i'll admit it's been a while since I've posted with my whole community gathering talking thing but i have some fun questions for y'all! 

1. From the most recent promotions (mostly the eeveelutions ;D) which one was your favorite and what about it? I wanna say for me is either the I Love Eevee promo and the thing i like about it is the HQ DX Plush, IT IS THE SOFTEST THING IN THE WORLD or the Pokemon Center plush and i like the minky softness of eevee as well XD 

2. What's your favorite pokemon? I remember certain people's favorite pokemon though i've always forgot so what's yours and what do you like about your pokemon? ;D Mine is eevee because she's so simple but adorable at the same time! And because she's like a canine and i like dogs XD

3. Also if you do, do you have any favorite kid figure pose? If so tell me or if you really want post a picture! Mine would be the mew on its back being all adorable!

Alrighty answer my 3 questions! and don't be shy to threadjack other conversations! It's all about making friends and having fun here! <

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